Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just Imagine

Imagine simply being me, you, no longer attempting to sell anyone on our Jesus?
What if there were no more use of words (and mere words are nothing apart from having an impetus to them) such as my ministry, or ministering, or God using me, or I had an opportunity to ‘share Christ’, with someone, and probably so many more?
Would it be like sowing up the pockets of a Frenchman, or an Italian man with their hands in their pockets, causing them to hyperventilate in no longer being able to talk?

The extent of the invasive saturation of the religion of the Matrix is mind boggling, and the inner transformation of His grace freeing us from these cheap artistic (according to us) expressions of trying at best to imitate His life is beyond liberating. OH, can’t you just feel how much lighter that even sounds?

This is not intended as an indictment or a mocking of anyone who still finds themselves sounding or acting this way, freedom is a continuous journey of restoration, discovering from the moment we had been adopted in the family of God, we had everything we ever needed to navigate through the happenings of our daily living.
Sadly though, through the infinitesimal slow but steady erosion of our being seduced into a religious mindset that subtly drew us from our only source of life and freedom, has brought us to a place of having but a form of godliness, with no power or liberation.

It truly is sheer delight hearing throughout the body of Christ those questioning just about everything they once simply dumbed down without in many cases even giving it a second thought. Viva the revolution!


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Rich said...

I just read this from Darin Hufford and thought it fit so well with my thoughts.