Friday, September 25, 2009

Human Consent

Without revelation from our loving Father regarding the design of our human vessel, body soul and spirit, that being the origin describing the first Adam, later to have that order reversed according to Paul describing the second Adam Christ Jesus, spirit, soul and body, there is in my opinion great distress throughout the body of Christ. Be that as it may, and even though it has profound significance to what I want to share here, I know his spirit will make known to each of us what is needed.

Eve, as in Adam and especially Eve from the Garden, have taken a bad rap and although she was the one deceived, there were two of them making that same choice, to try and be like God. Through the woman and man, consenting to this treasonous act, sin brought death to us all.
The other day I stumbled upon something so glorious I just had to share it here. Isn’t it just luscious when our eyes are opened to see something so full of wonder that it causes our hearts to skip a beat?

I began to look at the whole thing of our originally being created in His image and likeness, one facet of that being; we can above all of his creation, choose freely what we will.
As the first woman freely chose to be like God cutting humanity off from Life, plummeting us all into an alienated state of being, along comes another woman by the name of Mary, when presented with heavenly facts, realities that defied human reasoning, of her own free will consented to likewise partake of a succulent meal offered to her.

The fruit eaten by the first woman caused us to be alienated from the life of God, but as this young woman likewise freely choose to imbibe of the very words of God delivered to her by the angel Gabriel; the source of eternal and everlasting life was coming into the world through, of all things, a “woman”!

One expression of the word ‘consent’ is as follows, ‘asking permission’, also, ‘harmony’, wow, God asking our permission, specifically Mary’s, and then seeing how through her free will volitional choice, God through his son Jesus was going to establish a harmony that would totally eclipse the spectacular beauty of even the Garden.

“Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, it has not yet fully entered into the heart of man, the things God has prepared for those He loves!”


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