Sunday, September 27, 2009

Turkish Delight Or, His Delight

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Part 2…

You never see Paul praying for things unrelated to the centrality of that which was delivered to him that didn’t revolve around the mystery, of Christ in you the hope of glory. Not for better jobs, marriages, friends having the same heart or mind set, for one’s gifting, personality types, church growth, or even winning the lost for Jesus. What he relentlessly and doggedly sought after was, the believers being enlightened, empowered; from within, with the true knowledge of the mystery that he knew the Father wanted others to experience in its fullness.

It is in my opinion, because there are no vacuums, if it isn’t an unfolding and deepening revelation of what it means to be His, then that which has infiltrated and filled our flesh with total depravity, Sin, and the impetus of that, being the sinner from the beginning, the father of lies and religion Satan, will gladly seduce us into having nothing more than a form of godliness although gloriously saved.

Saul (Paul) of all people so ardently fixated on trying to please God by his works he had no insight as to how he too had like Edmund become so mesmerized and bewitched by the one he gave a mind to residing within his flesh. Please here me child of God, we all have within us sin, and hidden within sin is one who was not evicted in our re-birthing.

From the quotes I posted in part 1, this in particular jumps out to me, “The Witch's kindness and generosity is artificial, but Edmund does not seem to notice or care. Significantly, the narrator says that the magic Turkish Delight causes greed, not that it blinds Edmund to the Witch's true character or alters his perceptions of the Witch. If the narrator had said that Edmund's mistake was directly caused by the Turkish Delight, then Edmund would not have been truly responsible for his actions. Instead, Edmund falls victim to his own gluttony. He does not have to allow the Turkish Delight to control him and cloud his judgment. If Edmund's concern for his siblings had been deeper or his sense of morality stronger, he might have understood the Queen's character despite the enchantment of the Turkish Delight.”

There is nothing I am sharing here that gives us permission to pull out the scapegoat of, “the devil made me do it.” We likewise are all responsible for our actions, we will either act out of revelation, responding to the intuitive flow of his life in us as us out of our spirit to spirit union, or, we will be governed, directed by the Satan nature operating within the sin, in our flesh, how, by giving a mind to it, it does not ever happen by osmosis.
I am fully aware of the incredulity of such a statement, but I refuse to compromise with the truth that is the only power there is to set/make us free!

Without the much needed and available grace of God, the transformation, the renewing of our mind (soul) will be more than vulnerable to the father of lies (religion), in feeding us our own custom made Turkish delight.

I will continue with part 3 in my next post.


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