Monday, January 12, 2009

His Multicolored Grace

I found this so enriching, from “Unto Full Stature.”


What an amazing privilege for us that the God of the universe should desire to express Himself through us! That the all glorious Father should purpose for a vast family of sons as the means of His expression through out the universe!”

“Are your windows open today?” We all know that to be with some folk is to sense the closing of our windows, while to come into another person’s presence is to sense the opening of our windows.
Somehow we have come to a new appreciation of the rich emotional depth which should flow out in full expression from every life. We become aware that God could never have intended a suppression of our deep emotions, but instead designed them as a glorious means for a nine-fold expression of His own personality through us. We begin to ask, “What if we had no emotions?” How drab, how colorless, how monotonous are those beings who express no personality.”

“How wonderful then, that God has fused our inner beings in such variety as to make us completely different. But there has been good reason. For He who desires to express Himself through us is so infinitely beyond full expression that were there a million windows in every one of us it would still be impossible to unveil all the shades and hues, the warmth and the depth of His own lovely Person. Furthermore, what seems almost beyond our comprehension is that through all eternity we shall continue to behold in His sons, new and deeper discoveries in Him. Who can fathom?”

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Tracy Simmons said...

Beautiful, Rich! What an image it brings up within me.