Sunday, January 11, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes

My wife teaches Junior/Senior Kindergarten and she loves her little students. Recently, she led them, step by step, into making paper doily ‘angels’ for the hall bulletin board. As is the case with many boards of education in this day and age teachers cannot simply put up students’ artwork; it has to be accompanied by a writing activity. Since only her junior students, ages 3 and 4, made the angels, this posed a problem (most find it challenging even to print their names)!

So my wife came up with a solution. She asked the students what they knew about angels and wrote down their responses. She says she always takes what her little kids say seriously, since most people do not – nevertheless she often has to bite her lip to keep from laughing at the charm and delightfulness of what comes out of their mouths! Following is their response to the question “What do you know about angels?”

What I Know About Angels

Angels are in my backyard. I saw them!

Angels have wings for to fly. They fly up in the sky. They eat snow. That’s what makes them white.

I don’t know about them except I know they live in the wild.

Angels live maybe in caves like monsters. They eat flies. They can follow trains (it’s magic).

Angels fly. They have wings made of glue.

Angels do not walk on leaves. They’re not allowed.

Some have arrows on the front of them.

Angels live in little circle things and stand in the grass. They have jet packs that help them fly. They blast off.

Angels live in walls. They eat chicken.

Angels are white. They eat grass. They have names like Bugs Baby.

Some angels are statues. Real angels have wings made from plastic.

Angels are like a rainbow. They have pink hair bands. They live in fairy castles and eat peas, apples, pineapple and ice cream.

I’ve included a delectable visual presentation that spoke to my heart from what these precious children shared, please enjoy.



Lennart said...

I am going put to see if any angels have been despatched into my garden tonight

I know I will recognised then now. They are white, have plastic wings, eat snow for colour, grass, chickens and flies, have pink hair ............ Darn, we don't have snow, so I wander what colour they will be?

There is something very special about 'lil kids :)

Dave Aldrich said...

Wonderful stuff there, Bro. Wouldn't you have loved to be there hearing those kids share these thing!

Rich said...


Indeed there is such wonder reflected at times through children.

The wonder of our Father's love is that no matter how old we ever get, He will always call us His children...and a child shall lead them!