Sunday, August 24, 2008

What if I Don’t Know

What if I know next to nothing regarding “Church History” or I’m not on an Apostolic adviser board, or a Father of Revival, or well acquainted with the scriptures or theology or haven’t sparked or initiated many moves of God in many places, but I do KNOW I love my wonderful heavenly Papa and He LOVES me?!!



Amy said...


Ahhh...this is wonderful. Amen!

Where do you FIND these great You Tube videos?! :)

~Amy :)

Dave A. said...

Sounds like enough to me.

Kent said...

I think you have seen it before but it's just another way of you maybe getting to hear Father's voice through Brennan speaking it to you again.

Rich said...

Amy-Dave and Kent,

Thanks for sharing some of your life here with me, you are loved.

Kent, thanks for that wonderful confirmation with the video.
The crud in my thinking/actions is only going to be removed in light of knowing His love for me, and that is what is happening more and more.

I liked what I read on the train coming down to Toronto today; Don't confuse the facts of your life/living with the Truth of how Papa sees me right this moment.
What comforting freedom in His embrace!