Thursday, July 17, 2008

Considering the Flesh-Two Natures?

In reading this article this morning by Dan Stone, Eternal Reality, read here.

“Only the Holy Spirit can reveal to you that you only have one nature, not two. In the core of your being you are not both righteous and sinful; you are only righteous.”

I want to do what I do best, thinking out loud, now remember, and you who are becoming familiar with this guy, I am only wanting to know the Truth, not mine verses yours, but Him-Jesus the Truth, and I can’t help but believe this is one way of that miracle unfolding.
Here goes.

So much discussion has been leveled at us the believer, regarding this whole issue of the believer not having “two natures” that after a while it becomes nothing more than just a ‘white noise’ whereby we either dismiss it as being irrelevant, or, this is simply ‘too deep for me.’
I would emphatically stress no, to both mind sets, in fact I see this along with all that the Father of our spirit longs to make known to us through direct revelation, being a key to our further discovery of Him who has called us to BE His trophies of grace, and how that is to impact our world, yes the very one you and I both live on/in.

I have said it before but it bares repeating, man was (in my opinion) born nature less, and it was in the setting of the Garden where Adam (man-kind) was brought to move from living in a position or state of innocence to now making a choice. Hopefully this choosing would be prompted as a direct result of man discovering they were in a place of need, needing a ‘nature’ ergo, the two trees, one of the knowledge of good and evil, and the other one, Life!
Because man-Adam, was seeing himself as already being alive in the physical, emotional and also having the spirit of life in him, why wouldn’t he simply conclude that the only wise choice left, was to go for the gusto of obtaining this held out trophy of knowledge?

Here is the kicker boys and girls, having (as all humanity and nature does) the ‘spirit of life’ especially within man was but that which was designed of/by the Father to be the container/vessel which would be that which would contain the Life of an other, ergo, fully animating man, to become,

I’m going to stop for now on these thoughts, but will be back with more manna to chew on.

I want to emphasize here, that what I believe my heart motive to be in all or anything I am thinking out loud about is to provoke any and all to grasp the notion of their ability to hear directly and personally from the Father themselves without the aid of the ‘anointed’ Guru’s that are only to obliging to offer their services.It is of my understanding that there is nothing about the love of this amazing God and Father that directs anyone to try and make disciples of others according to our ‘opinions'.



Dave A. said...

Good Bro, and quite clear you shared as well.

I see the problem with that scripture:

"For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love he[a] predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will— to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves."

The problem doesn't of course lie in those verses but lies in the lies of our misconstruing it all. Like so many other Life giving scripture we take them and reread them as a "to-do" list. "I should be more like that" and all that rubbish.

I look forward to more of your thought here, Brother. And I love how He is making these things more evident and clear!


Rich said...


I thank you for your insights bro, much appreciated as they add to a better understanding of how our Father is wanting us to catch a much bigger understanding of Who He is as He is making Himself known to each of us uniquley.

I see it being perfectly unaturally natural for us to see just about anything Father is saying through the scriptures as a "to-do" list, in that we have never experienced unconditional love and acceptance apart from Him, and even those who profess to Be His are having this old economic mind set addressed/undressed as He simply continues to lavish His love upon us.
Much like the younger son who when he came to his senses came home and tried to win, earn work for His father's heart, when in fact the Father NEVER stopped loving him!