Friday, July 18, 2008


I find it truly amazing how stunted and short sighted I am, and how this is no longer filling me with despair or dread. We’ve all heard the expression, “You’re only seeing the tip of the ice-berg,” because the other nine tenths (of the story) is out of our range of vision. How many might have unknowingly within them this reactionary mindset of a mental gymnast, you know, the ones who jump to false or erroneous conclusions.”

Hopefully this will be self explanatory. Most folks would easily bring in their own for sure definition of what a ‘sinful act’ would comprise of, usually some demented, sorted, dark, putrid and despicable action or behavior, but maybe not everything is as it appears to be?

I am beginning to grasp the reality of the, “why are you doing what you’re doing’ much more than what I am doing, meaning, I would ask you to consider that anything a ‘good’ person has done, you name it, apart from the Father’s leading and direction may in fact be but wood, hay and stubble.
Is that why Jesus emphasized that as the son of man, he could do nothing in and of himself, and it was equally made clear that what he said and did was only out of that being initiated by His Fathers’ actions?

We have been fully and eternally accepted into the Father's family through Christ. This does not mean that everything we do in this life isn’t necessarily acceptable to the Father. Any of us who have families know that we do not approve of everything our children do. This fact does not cause our children to cease being a part of the family however. It is these unacceptable things that must be destroyed for us to be fully suited for an eternity in the Father’s house. God is NO respecter of our efforts apart from His life leading.

The word ‘judgment’ for me is taking on a whole new understanding, as in, the ongoing refining work of His grace in our continued transformation. It is NOT for the purpose of punishment, but in fact is for the purpose of correction and purification.
As our vision is adjusted and things come into a sharper and clearer focus it becomes so blatantly obvious this too is but an extension of his fervent and stubborn love for us.

The good news is those whom the Father loves, he corrects, and without His involvement the bible calls us bustards. Isn’t it wonderful we have a say in this as to whether we’re going to frustrate His grace or, cooperate with it!

I thought I would add this comment I made on another post as I think it adds some additional consideration.

I see it being perfectly unaturally natural for us to see just about anything Father is saying through the scriptures as a "to-do" list, in that we have never experienced unconditional love and acceptance apart from Him, and even those who profess to Be His are having this old economic mind set addressed/undressed as He simply continues to lavish His love upon us. Much like the younger son who when he came to his senses came home and tried to win, earn work for His father's heart, when in fact the Father NEVER stopped loving him!


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