Monday, June 2, 2008

Love is All We Need

"Behold, O My people, I will open your graves . . ." ( Ezekiel 37:12 ). When God wants to show you what human nature is like separated from Himself, He shows it to you in yourself. If the Spirit of God has ever given you a vision of what you are apart from the grace of God (and He will only do this when His Spirit is at work in you), then you know that in reality there is no criminal half as bad as you yourself could be without His grace. My "grave" has been opened by God and "I know that in me (that is, in my flesh) nothing good dwells" ( Romans 7:18 ). God’s Spirit continually reveals to His children what human nature is like apart from His grace.

Here’s the

It is truly amazing how the master of disguise, Satan, the father of lies goes so unnoticed in and through what we like to call ‘human nature’.
Learning, and that is only possible as the invasion of a Father’s love begins to address (undress) that which has become but a cheap substitute to define who I am, who we are.

All that is missing, all that is lacking, is found in only one thing, the love of God the Father, and that love as it is becoming fleshed out in and through us, is releasing into my world the truth that God is indeed LOVE!



Free Spirit said...

I've written out 2 comments now, that were lost, due to problems on Blogger. I'll try one more time to say it. I Love your blog title and header picture of the caterpillar turned butterfly, as I can relate to the process, and am seeing a phenomenon, that I have called The Butterfly Church. I blogged about it on May 31st, if you care to look at it. Thanks for your words here, and for the wonderful visual, I now have, of the whole process that I'm undergoing. It's so fantastic to discover that I've been growing wings all this time.

Rich said...

Hi Free Spirit,

Boy do I know that frustration of taking the time and effort to write something, a comment, only to see it magically transported into the nether realm.
Thanks so much for visiting and sharing your thoughtful and caring comments, they mean much to me.

My blog title was something that came into being out of a growing catharsis of my own, and the header was the creative love gift from my dear friend and Brother Dave, over at

Thanks also for pointing out what you wrote on May 31st, ‘The Butterfly Church’, I loved it!

It is amazing to see so many others that are for all intent and purposes hidden from sight and yet fully visible all around us that are being the Church which IS His body.
What makes them seemingly invisible to many is they are no longer using the currency of performance based acceptance, but in fact are discovering the sufficiency of the Father’s unconditional love that frees them to BE totally unobtrusive, no longer doing to get, but because of the over flowing depths of Papa’s love freely give away.
I have always loved the spirit of that contained within the scripture (loosely translated) where Paul says, ‘You being poor having the where-with-all, capacity to make many rich’.
The unconditional love of our Father is transforming us into a living currency whereby he is using as he wills to spends us in any manner that will ultimately expand His desired family of sons and daughters.

It thrills my heart to no end discovering one more (you) who is being awakened to the sound of His loving heart beat, and being lovingly lead through His maze of Grace.