Saturday, June 21, 2008

You Must, You Should

In the following article I read this morning, I was amazed how the sincerity of a person can appear to be so grace-filled, but in my opinion, without direct revelation from the Father of our spirit, just another form of what we know only too well: performance based approval!

I do not disagree with pretty much anything Hanna (the author) has to say, except for this one stinking fly in the ointment: without a deliberate knowing of the Father’s love, although our actions may be most sincere - with regards to her use of the word ‘must’, isn’t it us trying to get what is already ours, only we are totally blind to it?

Let’s look into this for a moment okay? In the story of the ‘Prodigal Son’, there is a point where knowledge without direct revelation (because of right relationship) is totally not there.

All this time the father’s older son was out in the field. When the day's work was done he came in. As he approached the house, he heard the music and dancing. Calling over one of the houseboys, he asked what was going on. He told him, 'Your brother came home. Your father has ordered a feast—barbecued beef!—because he has him home safe and sound.'
"The older brother stalked off in an angry sulk and refused to join in. His father came out and tried to talk to him, but he wouldn't listen. The son said, 'Look how many years I've stayed here serving you, never giving you one moment of grief, but have you ever thrown a party for me and my friends? Then this son of yours who has thrown away your money on whores shows up and you go all out with a feast!'
"His father said, 'Son, you don't understand. You're with me all the time, and everything that is mine is yours—but this is a wonderful time, and we had to celebrate. This brother of yours was dead, and he's alive! He was lost, and he's found!'"

It’s interesting how one can be ‘doing all the right things’ and yet working out of fear (submitting to some outward law) rather than simply responding, or being obedient to the Life of God within us.

Never before has there been such a plethora of ways and means to obtain a desired status with God without having to depend upon Him alone for this reality to actually unfold within the core of our being. Heck, I’ve read the newest, hottest books by the latest gurus; I am an avid listener to the most cutting edge pod casters; I even attend the most avant-garde conferences available and somehow there still seems to be this irksome emptiness gnawing its way through my religious performance and into my consciousness. Oh my!

Has anything really changed regarding our Father desiring obedience rather than resorting to sacrifice?
Interestingly it is clearly evident that God’s only begotten son, Jesus, although God in the flesh has this said about him… ‘Although he was a son, he learned obedience through what he suffered. And being made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation to all who obey him’.

I love how so many within the body of Christ are learning (experientially) along with our elder brother Jesus Christ, the firstborn of many sons, that His love alone frees us to only do/say that which flows out of an abiding relationship with our Father as His child.
Less and less is there the need to try and impress myself or others with outer appearances and behavior that will merit me a recognized status.

Just as the summer rains and sunshine are the daily staples required to expedite the miracle of that which is hidden beneath the surface of the earth to spring forth into a sensual ecstasy, we too need a catalyst (the source of love) to make that love known to us so that we don’t feel the compulsion to ‘must’ or ‘should’.



Free Spirit said...

Great post, Rich. I agree, and I'm so tired of people shoulding on me! I'm so done with it! What a farce! And, yes, now those words, and their cousins, are all RED FLAGS to me, that tell me to RUN the other way, to The Way.

To hell with should, must, and ought. The only must that I recall Jesus using was "you must be born again". Past that, I don't recall any of those words coming from Him. Correct me if I'm wrong. Is "should" even in the bible?

Arggh! I feel like a woman who's finally made the choice to escape her abusive husband; I just gotta run far and fast, and I'll never go back!!

Free Spirit said...

UGGGHHH!!! I just now went over to read the actual article that spurred your post.

While I have nothing against the lady who wrote it, it absolutely reeks of Religion 101. I need a bath after that! I feel like I've just rolled in vomit!!

I think she's sleeping with "must". I know I used to; and he's a HORRIBLE lover!

Sorry, you got me a little riled this morning!

Rich said...

free spirit,

thanks 4 your comments, you are appreciated!

i have nothing personal about H W Smith who wrote that article, as I have read and richly enjoyed her stuff in the past, and I know it is a progressive unlearning/learning in this unfolding transformation work of grace within all of our lives. :)

here is something I want to share from this post, this scripture from Hebrews really stood out to me.. ‘Although he was a son, he learned obedience through what he suffered. And being made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation to all who obey him’ .

something Papa has been making me so much more aware of is this whole issue of 'obedience being better than sacrifice', and imo I see this working well within the closing of this passage from Hebrews...i.e.
'And being made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation to all who obey him’.

This thing of obeying Him is imo a total work of His grace, meaning imo I see obedience being the unobtrusive fruit of Him romancing me, causing my heart to open up toward His unselfish loving giving intentions for me.
As His love terminates the fear/s that have and still try to terrorize me, it becomes a natural/supernatural display of obedience.

I know 'salvation' is not a something, but a someOne who has chosen to BE married to me, and I am beginning to see as he makes love to my heart/inner most being, I will, like a woman receive in the womb of my being, and bear the fruit of this wholly/holy union!

I hope this makes some kind of sense, even if it doesn't, I am so madly in love with this Lover that has chosen me to BE His!!!