Saturday, April 5, 2008

Losing My Religion

I apologize for the small print in this cartoon, so here is a link to it.

After reading the following article, it greatly helped in moving me forward today with some thoughts I started off with.

Truth, is it some kind of encrypted hieroglyphic codification still waiting for some higher form of being, intelligence, maybe even celestial personality that will be able to crack the code for us?

I wonder if the best and most correct answer, the best translation and interpretation of the bible and all that it contains (was accomplished) is what God the Father did in sending His son, 'The Word becoming flesh and dwelling amongst us'.
And just maybe the best translation (transformational work) of that reality is not simply to be re-birthed as glorious as that is, but to have Christ FULLY formed within us, to BE as it were Christ (Love-Life) to our world where ever we might live?

Maybe even with the best and sharpest minds of the time back 2000 years ago, those claiming to know the Torah forwards and backwards, were by and large incapable of somehow recognizing the Word who had been made flesh right before them and living amongst them?

From my perspective, none of us know what true love is; yes we all talk about and long to be loved, why? Because the best we know and call love to be is a performance based acceptance. In my opinion everything we see, feel, do, flows out from that innate imprinting that I will only be loved and accepted if I do what is right and good. Sounds pretty fearful at best to me, but then again apart from the Truth of His love, what would one really expect?
How can I not inflict this upon my fellow man when at our core that’s what we believe about ourselves?

How is it ever going to be possible to love my neighbor as myself, if the only working definition of love I’ve ever known is rooted in trying harder, performing, trying to measure up?

Getting back to having the correct-right answers, the best translation-interpretation issue, maybe it all boils down to KNOWING the total unconditional loving acceptance of God the Father first and foremost, and in growing in that reality, we are going to be able to experience Him being FULLY formed in me a whole lot easier don't you think?

As the Word became flesh, is that same Word now being fleshed out in us, the flesh and blood people who use religion even the religion of Christianity to talk about what is right and wrong, but never even coming close to displaying openly that what He came primarily for was that we might have life and it in abundance?

Isn't it sad how we all at best have 'interpreted' life to be synonymous with religion, when in fact the Word that became flesh and pitched his tent here with us as a man, was in fact born into a world ruled by nothing but religion?

The heart beat of all religion has its roots in a performance based approval-acceptance, no matter the flavor or packaging it might come in. Judaism was simply imo one of the religions of the time.
His love-life was going to become available to whomsoever, based upon what the Father alone did perfectly through a man, the son of man, the Man-Christ Jesus, and that perfect work would be the basis of perfectly loving and accepting us with no performances needed or required on our behalf to have His approval.

Apart from truly experiencing an ever growing increasing knowing of the Father's love for us, how will we not be caught up in just another expression of religion that has nothing to do whatsoever with LIFE!


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