Friday, April 4, 2008

Wholly (Holy) His

In being separated, freed from the Matrix of religion (everything in my opinion outside of Christ is Religion) is an ever increasing work of the same amazing grace that gloriously liberated and brought to life our divorced spirit from God.

When Paul talks about 'not letting the world squeeze us into its mold', many imo interpret that to mean the religious institutions, but from what I can see the world's squeeze is spelled out as John says in one of his letters, 'the whole world [around us] is under the power of the evil one.'
The illusion that many seem to imbibe in that once outside the camp, leaving the religious institutions of man they are no longer subjugated to any more religious influences. The sad but needed awakening, is most painful in their realization that the Matrix is everywhere, and not tied simply to some geographic location nor to any set of demographics.

I am continually being encouraged by my heavenly Father as this inner transformation continues to unfold its work of grace. He alone knows that within my fleshly ways of thinking, it would be far easier to settle for knowing about Him vs trusting Him to continue to open the eyes of my heart (a spirit of wisdom and revelation given in the true knowledge of Christ Jesus) to see far beyond what seems so painful and perplexing, or as Paul spoke of, 'These momentary but light afflictions, are nothing in comparison to that which our Father has reserved for us.'

I've included some quotes from Austin Sparks that speak of this unfolding process of grace and its work to establish us in Him our freedom!


What do we expect in our relationship to "the testimony of Jesus"? Supposing the deepest purposes of God can only be realised by His hiding from our flesh all that that flesh craves for its life, and - more - supposing His work in us, whereby triumphant faith and obedience reach their highest form, necessitates His concealing Himself and accepting the risk of being considered to have been unfaithful? There is no doubt that most of those who have been called into some of the most vital expressions of "the eternal purpose" have been trained in the school of apparent Divine contradiction, delay, withdrawal, and darkness. Paul wrote to the Thessalonian saints that "no man should be moved by these afflictions for... we are appointed thereunto."

We had better settle it once and for all that, be grateful as we should and must for all the grace of God in His children, value all the help through them, and esteem them very highly for their work's sake, the Lord will never allow us to go for long on human props or crutches, but will free us to see that He alone is our Rock, that our spiritual education and growth must ever and only rest upon personal and direct knowledge of Himself. The greater the usefulness to God of any life, the deeper the loneliness in experience. He takes us often where no others can enter, interpret, understand, help. Rather, by their mental play upon our strange experience, and their interpretations given to it, they create even greater painfulness and distress for us. Sooner or later we are bound to be disappointed in man but this may lead to a rich and deep knowledge of God if we are not soured and paralysed by it.

It will also be the occasion of a great and healthy self-distrust on the one hand, and a deep sympathy and solicitude for the suffering on the other hand. The Master in the hour of anguish "looked for some to take pity, but there was none." We may be allowed just to sip the cup in order to know something of the help of God which no other can give.

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