Thursday, March 20, 2008

No Escape

In the making of bread, you might have all of the right and exact components and yet miss having the key one, yeast. Without this explosive and corruptive ingredient all of your work will be to no avail, the dough will be just that, dough.
Its within the yeast itself that lies this dynamic power to not only cause the bread dough to rise, but define it as in a particular shape.
I liken this, the life of God, to the yeast, something as an external matter brought into (play) the settings of the dough.

I’ve talked about this before in other posts on my blogs, but I want to reemphasize it even more. We were all came into this world as still born, dead in our sins and trespasses, by nature children of wrath, sons of disobedience, cut off from the life of God, alienated from Him.
The spiritual imprinting of sin and its invasive corruption was total in its design. Jesus said, ‘You are of your father the Devil, and when you hear him speak, its simply a matter of agreeing with the inward dynamics of the sin imprinting you were born with, it isn’t an anomaly.

Yesterday in the life of my son, we, my wife and I were seeing into the unseen realms first hand all over again, the real and violent clashes of the Truth exposing the innate lies not only what my son has believed, but all of us!
It talks about the god of this world having blinded the minds (eyes) of those living in this world, preventing them from seeing the Truth.
I see this pointing to the fossilized, fixed, unmovable imprinting that sin and its influence has accomplished in all of humanity.
There is NO way any of us can see outside of this prison we are jailed to; there is NO escape apart from the grace of a loving Father.
As my wife and I had a few moments this morning to reflect and think out loud on some of what I’m sharing here we saw afresh the power our Father has invested in us as His own, giving us first of all a growing experiential learning first hand of what it means to Be loved, and within that reality, learning as he directs to PRAY for ALL men.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but powerful, designed to assault those things of the sin matrix imprinting and as it were, to breach through their illusionary shackles.

Even in the lives of the ‘saints’ I see this dynamic still very visible, and I’m starting with myself first, then moving out into a much broader vista of observation.It says we have been ‘born again’ not of the will of man or the will of the flesh, but by the word (sperm) of God, and out of that miracle has come a whole new race, a new man as the scriptures put it.

Our DNA as it were has been totally altered, the sin matrix imprinting has been addressed at the core level of our being, and yet, because of our soul, especially our mind that is in the process of coming into alignment with the Truth, will more often than not revert to its former state of imprisonment, and it is this issue I will endeavor to further elucidate upon, later!


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