Sunday, March 16, 2008

Suffering: The Human Experience

Yesterday while in Chapters book store I happened to notice a new book by Anne Rice called, Christ The Lord: The Road to Cana, this is a sequel to her first one, Christ The Lord: Out of Egypt. See here.
Also this put up by a fellow (Anne Rice and Jesus): blogger.

You can listen/watch here on YouTube for more.

To me its always exhilarating to see as it were, someone coming through the back door undetected, unannounced (much like when God (Jesus) showed up as a man) by the guardians of the sacred and holy collective body of ‘biblical writings’. I see Anne Rice to be one of these under the radar, invading delights, perhaps pointing us to a God and Father beyond what our fears have shaped within us.
I haven’t read her newest book, but I fully intend to.
Anne Rice is known for writing horror novels, mystical in content and nature.

Within Christendom I see it to be so immersed in fear rather than Love, and not a performance based acceptance love, but more in line with trying to appease a very angry and neurotic God, never knowing for sure if he even likes you let alone, God forbid, Loves you! This isn’t an indictment on my part of trying to expose what I perceive to be the nakedness within much of Christendom, but merely some measure of objectivity.

It is truly a wonder what the power of True love can undo as well as do in a person’s life, and this evolving discovery in my own life of not only who God is, whom I belong to (my true Father) but, also who I am as His son attests to this ever increasing reality.

In the book of Hebrews it talks of Jesus by the grace of God tasting death for everyone, it goes on to further elaborate on what I want to lay down here; For it was an act worthy [of God] and fitting [to the divine nature] that He, for Whose sake and by Whom all things have their existence, in bringing many sons into glory, should make the Pioneer of their salvation perfect [should bring to maturity the human experience necessary to be perfectly equipped for His office as High Priest] through suffering.
It’s been said that as a child of God we are having as spiritual beings a, ‘human experience’, I like that, and so much so that it was as a man that the eternal God with no beginning nor end came to BE with us, to be fully subjected to the death, fear and separation that became the bummer of a birth mark we were all born with.

Jesus although perfectly God and always with God the Father (in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God) laying aside as it were His glorious attire for a season, entered (stepped) into space, time and history as a flesh and blood man, to be fully perfected, through our sufferings and clothed himself in/with humility, our humanity.

I have no problems with viewing this Christ child being anything less than God and Lord at his birth, complete God and man. The rub for me is and has continued to chaff me with what many have dismissed as the strong possibilities of Jesus, not having to be processed through his own sufferings to become fully what was meant to become our initial birthright, and as it says, ‘He learned obedience through his sufferings, as a man’.
To my way of thinking, it’s a lack of genuine security, the security of knowing His, the Father’s love that keeps many as lemmings, willing to go to their death in believing and defending these shadow belief’s.

Additional thoughts are coming.


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