Sunday, March 9, 2008

Matrix Symbiosis (Hijacked)

I’m elucidating the possibility that we have been wired innately as if in our actual DNA, our spiritual imprinting was to establish a foundation within us for dependency. As a plant is dependent upon water for its existence, so we were created and that amplified much more so in the re-birthing for dependency.

Hidden from all sight deep within us there has been an invasion. When man fell in the garden, there was (imo) a component added to his species that was previously not there. I see it being a metaphysical component attaching itself as a symbiotic leach, and mankind becoming its host. I want to refer to this as the Matrix, and its impetus is the master of deceit and lies Satan himself, who is able to easily transforms himself into an angel of light.
Jesus knew of his hidden workings, He referred to him as the ‘father of lies', and in further conversational intercourse also said, you are of your father the devil.
In contrast for a succinct understanding Jesus speaking to the saints through Paul says; ‘You once were by nature children of wrath, sons of disobedience’.

Because of this insidious hijackers influence, apart from the transformational work of God’s grace, our mind set is fixed like a long lost image of a once alive creature completely fossilized, sometimes expressed as, ‘don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up.’
Within that mindset I see our view of Jesus sprouting, as one who has to be NICE, meek and mild not hurting a child, nonsense! Let’s explore nice in context of the donkey we want to pin this delusional tale on. click

Apart from the illumination from within our fixed union with our Father, this insidious virus will stain and permeate our thinking. No one thinks straight when it comes to the matter of truth and reality. Those words are corrupted from any true meaning because of this subversive intruder.

Has the Lion/Lamb of God been reduced to this, a quote from Christianity Today Movies re: the movie The Lion, With and the Wardrobe; ‘An artistically and spiritually safe lion for a spiritually tame (sub) culture.’

Like a splinter in my mind there is this relentless, persistent nagging that seems to be drawing me ever deeper into what Paul called God’s hidden wisdom the Mystery Gospel of good news.Please hear me on this, in no way am I referring to what happened in the early centuries of the church of the virus called Gnosticism, whereby one was elevated to a much greater spiritual and intellectual status based upon an encrypted code only available through some so called enlightened guru.

The ‘Mystery of Godliness’ will always be that, but within this mystery Father God himself is disclosing the hidden secret things with a passion to those foolish enough to trust Him in this redemptive restoration as he applies with great relish, the caustic power of Grace.

I look forward to picking up from here again soon, as there is so much more on my heart to share, but until then.



rob horton said...

so what are you saying rich: all humans are born in union with the demonic and apart from the rebirthing ONLY offered by Jesus they are screwed?

Rich said...

I think I understand where you're coming from, Rob. This is my understanding: we were all born into a fallen world, permeated by sin. When humankind allowed itself to be deceived by Lucifer. His spiritual DNA then affected everyone born from that point. Our fellowship with God was cut off, the door was permanently closed; we were absolutely and totally without hope. Jesus (God in the flesh) voluntarily chose to take all our sins upon Himself, in his body as a man, in order to reconcile us in right relationship with the Father. The door was opened.
Jesus said there was only one way to the father, and He was the way.

This is a simplistic response to your question, Rob, but it's basically what I believe. I realize there are numerous off-shoots (ex. what about the OT people prior to Christ's appearing, to those who never have heard the name 'Jesus', etc.)but those are fodder for further discussion.

rob horton said...

thanks for taking the time to unpack a response rich. i don't think i can buy that package-deal anymore. maybe some day i will come back to it, but for now, i am finding that i can be a more beautiful person via living by a different paradgim. i respect you staying with what you believe reality to be. i respect your consistency.

peace to you and yours,