Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Hearts Story

If Jesus had resisted, opposed being shut up, shut away for the first 30 years of his life out of His father’s direct leading, all the touched and changed lives would mean nothing. In the near future my wife will be addressing much of that reality regarding the growing up years of this boy, young man called Jesus the Christ, or as he loved to address himself, “the son of man” in a forth coming book.

It was in my opinion what was being written in his heart through all of those long silent years of obscurity that spilled out and over into the desert of lives coping rather than experiencing anything remotely about Life.
As the Law had been written long ages ago upon the tablets of stone, God was releasing in the flesh of this God man something that later would be called the law of the spirit of life, making a way back to God where previously there was no way, ergo, the Way, Truth and Life of God was being fleshed out in Jesus.

Looking unto Jesus the author and developer of our faith, is a very long time usually spent in His dark room where He is bringing forth first in secret within our lives that which was first uttered in our being received of the Father, Abba!
IN these hidden corridors of our heart he is writing His story, never was there or has there been a story teller like Him, this story is going to be as Paul said in the scriptures, “making us as living bill-boards easily read by all men.”

It is my longing to encourage those who have been tucked away in the out of the way places unseen by men to be confident, assured of His delight in them, to reassure them that He is not in a hurry, it isn’t about changing or touch a lost world as much as it is making His love for them/us a living breathing reality!
Behold I do a new thing, in the desert of your life is springing forth life without end.


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