Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Why the craving for, “give me something tangible, something that works” isn’t it because we know that we can do it through our (human) self-effort (of course asking Jesus to bless it)?
What is one of the greatest longings amongst those tiring of their former religious slavery, ‘how do we do church’, you know, not what we came out of, but the real thing this time. The lusting for principles, standards, and guide-lines camouflaged with Christian (fools) gold dust sprinkled all over them.

This methodology comes in more flavours than what Baskin Robin’s has to offer, such as, self-discipline, or accountability, or plug into some other inventive term.
Anything apart from His life in us as us, initiating what we do, is simply human effort, and the only reason we would resort to this is because there is no revelation of the total depravity within our flesh, and yes that has stained every aspect of our self (human)-effort!

The idea of being ‘wind blown’ is not straight-jacketed to a rigid and static methodology, it flows out of the reality of Christ being himself and expressing himself through us as us, it has nothing to do with, “how do we do church”!

I am convinced because we have lost the wonder and pure awesomeness of Him, the resurrected, glorified exalted one, we have crossed over into something so perverted and demented, but nothing short of what Adam and Eve willingly chose, “to be like God”!

If He has not changed, being the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, then why is the ‘church’ dealing with bobbles and trinkets (methods) to try and attract the lost not to Him, but our places of self worship?
It says that there was nothing outwardly compelling or attractive about this man called Jesus, and yet, what unseen life altering trinket was that powerful to penetrate the hearts of hardened fishermen with their eyes wide open in having to make a living, to simply drop their nets to be with this man of men? Something powerfully impacted these men, that it out weighed their fears, possibly Jesus wading out into the waters and waiting for them to freely choose.

So much shit is disguised, prettied up, so that we can try and win the lost, using cosmetic trickery, bigger better more educated whatever to accomplish what he alone has done and is doing throughout the earth.
Is he really and truly irresistible to us, if he isn’t than is it any wonder the magic panacea of the gos-pills we gave the converts have so soon lost its buzz?

Folks this isn’t rocket science here, change the packaging and wrap it up and call it “missional, organic, home church or no name come as you are,” if the irresistible one is no where to be found are we not simply trying to convince folks that Coke really is better than Pepsi?



Rich said...

Isn't the presence of the resurrected Christ inside of you enough, unless of course you aren't even aware he is there?

Rich said...

The problem with humanity is not in what we're doing, instead its the lack of life as we do it!