Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Extended Conversation

Part 4

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Rich: that is the rocket fuel that causes us to dance on laughter silvered wings
Rich: Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
Of sun-split clouds - and done a hundred things
You have not dreamed of - wheeled and soared and swung
High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there
I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung
My eager craft through footless halls of air.
Up, up the long delirious, burning blue,
I've topped the windswept heights with easy grace
Where never lark, or even eagle flew -
And, while with silent lifting mind I've trod
The high untresspassed sanctity of space,
Put out my hand and touched the face of God.
yahdavea: And the alternative is living in boxes... day by day seeing which ones fit and which ones don't... and living by circumstances and feelings
Rich: that poem is a rush of his pleasure in me Bro
Rich: caged and yet we were made to live free in the wild, yes
yahdavea: love that.... who wrote that... cant recall
Rich: a young violet killed in the war, famous poem
Rich: Bro there R some thoughts burning within me that I am going to try and get out today touching on some of our sharing here this morning
yahdavea: ok great
Rich: I/we need to see a so much bigger picture of Him, and what you see and have to say along with us all is the picture turning into so much more than we have yet seen in the religion of Christianity
yahdavea: right... the latter is but a man-mad box of Jesus
Rich: there R word and actions you will make that R joined to His heart, that will become the key to unlock the cages of many in your and my life time bro
Rich: yes
yahdavea: we can count on it bro
yahdavea: This is bigger than anything we can imagine
yahdavea: and we have quite the imaginations
Rich: the key is Him in us as us, and as that addresses undresses us from our lies of fear He will be seen so clearly
Rich: indeed we have
yahdavea: and yet, in a way, I pray that it all continue in the quiet hush of life... quiet intrusions, subtle invasions...
yahdavea: into the lives of others. So that when they look at us, they only see Jesus
Rich: YES, I so agree Bro, it sickens me the talk of this being another movement
yahdavea: And we just go flying along
yahdavea: right ugh
yahdavea: PLEASE folks... don't go there
Rich: Bro i want to share this with you, I see so much of man trying to bag and tag what is an overflow, spill over of Him making Himself known to and in His sons.
yahdavea: so much happening out there that is good... a growing desire to turn from religion to His Real Life living in us as us
yahdavea: but there appears to be those that still want to take the helm
yahdavea: Well that's a very real potential bro
yahdavea: sadly
yahdavea: time will tell
yahdavea: Give us a king like everyone else
Rich: we just do not apart from Him see our hidden complete depravity in our flesh
Rich: and that is what Jesus exposed in the young rich rulers life, not to condemn, but for escape-freedom
Rich: You R of your father the devil...wasn't a slam dunk on anyone, it was Jesus the only one able to make known to them/us who it is working in and through the depravity in us
Rich: they turned it around against Him, they chose death instead of Life
yahdavea: Right, and that Truth will free some and harden the hearts of others.
yahdavea: yes
Rich: sadly yes
Rich: Aslan in us as us is no pussy cat...meow
Rich: He has come to destroy in us what is keeping us bound
Rich: but when he exposes that, look out
Rich: we go back to our cages or enter into real living
Rich: and no one needs a grace movement tag on them, they will know we R his by our love not our tags
Rich: or a grace movement tag
Rich: its life, his, his love that draws us into a greater fullness, not our tags
yahdavea: Oooh ya
Rich: like dat?
Rich: well there is an ocean more of it bro
yahdavea: yeah, very good there
Rich: not trying to B cute or smart ass but I call it as I am slowly seeing it!
Rich: forget the God who is so badly misunderstood, what about Him being misunderstood in us as us?
yahdavea: right
Rich: and how could that be when we're so busy inventing new tags for what He is doing in His church which is His body????
yahdavea: we can spend so much time pointing out to others "what's wrong with this picture"
Rich: YES, rather than saying, if you've seen me you've seen Papa
yahdavea: right... so the response is, "we need a new, improved box" instead of , "We want to know this Jesus SO much"
yahdavea: Oh the endless regurgitating of shit
Rich: and rather than simply allowing His spirit to fully form Christ in us we slowly get caught up in another religion
yahdavea: right
Rich: well meaning sincere men will think it is God having them do and say whatever to help God out in what is coming to the surface in this heart 2 heart revolution taking place
Rich: once again sadly become but surrogate foster fathers instead of HIM
yahdavea: but maybe it's more the spirit if Simon the sorcerer just looking for some Jesus power
Rich: but that depravity in those men doing such things is no diff than the depravity in those who choose to let it happen all over again
Rich: very much more, great point bro
Rich: i love that insight
yahdavea: Not saying that's the case with all certainly... but we can see how simply, if it isn't Him we're looking unto it will be ourselves and others
Rich: right, but the root source of that spirit is in us all within the depravity that the angel of darkness loves to work out of
Rich: and as always totally unbeknownst to any of us until Jesus opens his big mouth
yahdavea: yes ... in us all
Rich: and what is hidden in darkness in our flesh is exposed, why to shame, NO, for freedom
yahdavea: right
yahdavea: owning it is half the battle eh
yahdavea: the rest is the Lord's
Rich: I refuse to walk away from this reality He is pointing out to me and his church
Rich: and I am convinced this is why Paul prayed in earnest for the church to have revelation of the mystery
Rich: and with the revelation of it no longer being I that lives but Christ, also comes the knowing of something else, Satin in our flesh hidden in the unseen depravity in us all
Rich: but many do not yet see, or they have refused to believe that what He is saying is in fact the truth
Rich: not just about the tasty good news of it no longer being I, but Christ, but also the hidden source of leaven in us all
Rich: that I do not hear Joe or Tom (fictitious names) or any others warming up to in their grace deliveries, and that is not me slamming them or his body!
yahdavea: no, that's true
Rich: warming up to the full message of the wrath of His grace, the goodness and the severity of our loving God
Rich: none see apart from the kindness and goodness of his grace
yahdavea: I don't think it's a denial of the devil's activity in us/thru us do you?
Rich: ??
yahdavea: From Joe or Tom’s point of view
Rich: his activity is only possible if in fact he is there in our flesh
yahdavea: not sure what I'm asking
Rich: ok, no prob, all I know is that I do not see them yet seeing this very necessary truth that is joined to the message of freedom in his love for us
Rich: I se them as so many at best dancing all around this subject and rightly so, as it is only knowable through the same spirit that brings any revelation to any of us
Rich: I pray for my siblings all the time
Rich: to see as Paul prayed 4 us all
Rich: Hope I haven't done to much damage to your thinking
yahdavea: ha
yahdavea: no.. Just messing with it mightily
yahdavea: For me to understand it all, all that your sharing regarding Satan in our flesh...
yahdavea: I have to see a picture
yahdavea: So I see in these guys, in me, in you at times
yahdavea: The "ME" wanting to come forward
yahdavea: and Jesus taking a bow and heading for a seat in the back.
yahdavea: So I will get on my freedom in Jesus soapbox and shout to the masses how to be free
yahdavea: and oh how I can look so good and not even realized how much I enjoy looking good
yahdavea: But what is missing
yahdavea: Is the humanity, the realness, the admitted weaknesses
yahdavea: The utter depravity of me without JESUS
Rich: YES
yahdavea: So I think that's what I see as to a picture of this Satan in our flesh
yahdavea: whew... dat was a lot of typing so I'm glad I made some sense.
Rich: and out of that depravity so much poison has been injected into and ingested in body by well meaning sincere folks
Rich: making real good sense Bro, yes
yahdavea: So it can become just another self-help program that we believe is endorsed by Jesus
yahdavea: I don’t know... maybe that is taking it to an extreme here
Rich: without revelation there is NO way any of us can bear the truth od what he longs to make real to and in us re: this full subject matter
Rich: self-help is that born out of our depravity all masked in Christian lingo
yahdavea: yeah
yahdavea: right
Rich: and those doing what they do in this area do not see it come from a hidden source the leaven in them
Rich: thats why he did and still had such GREAT compassion for the blind leading the blind
yahdavea: yes
yahdavea: Knowing the reality of what is in the heart
Rich: YES
yahdavea: For He was tested in all ways and familiar with the details
Rich: YES
yahdavea: Thinking about those thorns in of the flesh
yahdavea: and how we should embrace them
Rich: yes
yahdavea: They are graceful reminders of our weakness and need for Him
Rich: yes
yahdavea: So when Jesus told Paul, My grace is sufficient... He is saying I AM SUFFICIENT
yahdavea: See...
yahdavea: I used to separate Jesus from Grace
Rich: YES
yahdavea: Jesus from Love
Rich: me 3
Rich: as we all do bro
yahdavea: Jesus from all those "attributes"
yahdavea: And now I see every GOOD thing being the very substance of HIM
Rich: there is a short circuit happening in us all re: words and what we have thought they meant
Rich: YES
yahdavea: and to separate those "things" from Him is creating a program of goodness
Rich: He doesn't give us something; it is a Him in us
Rich: YES!!!!!!
Rich: Bingo
yahdavea: AMEN
Rich: that’s why Margi hates with a passion the "virtues programme" being the in thing within teaching her kids
Rich: virtue being something we can strive 4, try to attain apart from the source of Him in usd as us
Rich: and that format is changed according to each and every setting through out the earth
Rich: we can have Christ in us and yet live as a moralist or whatever, living apart of Him as our only Life
Rich: and sadly this is what most of the world as seen instead of Him in us as us
Rich: and most believers no diff
yahdavea: right
yahdavea: and we can accept it in the public arena... "they know not what they do"
yahdavea: But on even the "free range” believers
Rich: but #1 Jesus is at the right hand of our Father praying 4 His church to see, and those prayers were echoed through our bro Paul and many done through time up to today!!
yahdavea: where there is more a desire to find and get aboard the next big movement
Rich: YES sadly
yahdavea: amen
yahdavea: And to give credit where it is due...
yahdavea: Wayne, Brad, and Darin do speak passionately about following His voice
Rich: YES
yahdavea: and encouraging others to seek and know Him
Rich: indeed
Rich: and that is the message we R hearing, but it is a marriage, it takes two
yahdavea: And in reality there is so much that we dont know... we see in part... and thankfully we have dif parts to share
Rich: and the other half or part to say is knowing of the reality of who is in and behind Sin in us as well
yahdavea: what is lacking with one...another comes along and shares what he sees... and on and on and on
yahdavea: right
Rich: the whole body isn’t a giant eye
yahdavea: maybe it is that reality of the Father of Lies that needs to be thrown into the Light more and more
yahdavea: right
Rich: but He does want us all to See
yahdavea: eye eye
Rich: YES
yahdavea: yes
yahdavea: and maybe, we do that through our throwing ourselves out in the open... rejoicing publicly in our weaknesses.... thereby defusing the power of the enemy.
Rich: YES i so agree
Rich: when we turn to Christ from within, Satan in our flesh is then buffeted
Rich: not us
Rich: Paul wasn't fulfilled because folks got what he was sharing, it was His pleasure for and in Paul that caused him to say, woe is me if I do not speak of Him to others
yahdavea: yes
Rich: we simply report the good news
yahdavea: The wrath of God is poured out not on us, but on the evil one
Rich: YES
yahdavea: That's it... so we don't have to despair over clever words and ideas
Rich: and that is what he wants to do in exposing what is in our flesh yet
Rich: hahaha
Rich: U bet
Rich: the power isn't in our words, but in the Word, and if all we know is words, then why do we stand amazed at out little life we see in most believers
yahdavea: ha
Rich: so once again men are trying to pump it up as a substitute for Knowing The Word instead of some new cool grace lingo
yahdavea: yes
yahdavea: boy, I can see the problem... with those who used to be paid preacher professionals
Rich: we all have thought being saved was a one time event, i was saved in 1972~ha!
yahdavea: and who now begin to make a "living" from writing and speaking about their new freedom
Rich: it is being constantly saved
yahdavea: right
Rich: Jesus is Satan out is the math most work with
yahdavea: The trap is always there to snare
Rich: YES
Rich: Satan's rule-power over us is broken 4ever, but he is still there in our flesh wooing, trying to groom us all over again
Rich: and without this knowing of this, we so easily become charmed and bewitched
yahdavea: yes for sure
Rich: ergo the sad history of religion
yahdavea: substitutions abound
yahdavea: right
Rich: but the biggest one is resident in our flesh
yahdavea: we want a king like everybody else. Don't give me Jesus, whom I can't see but rather someone I can.
Rich: there R whole theologies refuting what i am trying to say here bro re: Sin/Satin in our flesh as another nature, even our dear Bro Dan stone and many, many others
yahdavea: Bro...Going to have to head off here.... running out of battery power and have to head home too
Rich: ok mon
Rich: fo sure, been so good, you have greatly provoked me top love and good works
Rich: to
yahdavea: this Satan in our flesh.. I hardly begin to understand it all but I want to simply know the freeing Truth
Rich: He is in U as your grace to live free today
yahdavea: it has been good, Brother
yahdavea: likewise

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