Monday, July 27, 2009

The Invisible Third Strand? Some Musings

We are the physical manifestation of our DNA – the double helix that defines our unique physical and biological characteristics and which carries genetic information from one generation to the other. This is why we as parents (both of us being brunettes) produced two brunette children.

Richard and I have a theory that some sort of spiritual DNA exists as well. Here’s our reasoning: scientists know that there are certain genetic markers on each DNA molecule that denote predispositions to a host of inherited conditions, Parkinson’s disease, for example. They also know that if people depart from a diet their ancestors consumed without deviation for eons, that they develop diseases unheard of in previous generations. On the same note, those whose ancestors were alcoholics have a genetic marker or predisposition to develop alcoholism themselves. In both these examples, diet and alcohol abuse seem to have somehow insinuated themselves as genetic markers on the actual DNA makeup over time. This is very intriguing!

Now here’s a wild thought: what if in the cataclysmic tsunami called the Fall of Man (and all have sinned fallen short of the glory of God) an invisible third strand intertwined itself to that DNA? For this strand to become attached to our biological DNA could not have happened in a vacuum. A choice had to be made available to Adam and Eve to accept or deny such an inclusion. Could it be that the choosing had to do with which fruit appeared most attractive to them - the fruit adorning the Tree of Life or the fruit adorning the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?

When the scriptures state we were born in sin and shaped in iniquity, it means our introduction to a fallen world began in the womb. This is articulated with succinct clarification in the following verse: “By nature we were children of wrath, sons of disobedience.” Apart from Christ the Word becoming flesh, not one person ever escaped this internal prison of religious bondage. When Adam and Eve ingested the forbidden fruit, it permanently altered, in a metaphysical sense, their genetic makeup. This is what we are referring to as “the invisible third strand”.

Jesus was quick to point out that those who unwittingly agreed with Satan’s thoughts and suggestions (Peter, the believing Jews, Pharisees, etc.) were under the influence of Satan. He wasn’t trying to be insulting; He was just stating a fact! After all, sin had resided within them since their conception. They had become so familiar with the voice of their father the devil that they mistook it for their own voice. As spirit speaks to spirit, so does flesh speak to flesh. The Light was exposing the invisible third strand on their DNA – not to condemn them but to save them! The point is that Jesus came to bring sight to those who were blind, but to those who claimed they could see their judgment would be that they would remain in their blindness.

Consider John 8. What in my opinion appeared to be a showdown was in actuality Jesus trying to open the eyes of those who were totally blinded so that they could see that they had been born slaves to sin. That’s why it’s so essential that we allow our minds to be transformed and to have Christ formed in us. If we don’t, we will continually be susceptible (in our souls) to the leading of the father of lies and may not learn to recognize the voice of our Heavenly Father when he speaks.

It is essential to remember that the arena in which we are attacked is located within our soul. Our spirit (if we have been born again) is permanently indwelt by Jesus’ spirit and will spend eternity in heaven. However, because we have been given free will, we have a choice in how much or how little we allow Christ to be formed in us in our soul - our mind, will and emotions.

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Māris said...

Dear Rich and Margo,
you have mentioned the separation between the spirit and the soul. You say that the spirit is in security because of Jesus who is greater than the one who is in the world. And there is that soul which satan can touch(allowed by God) and where the choice has to be born, right? Who am I? A soul? A spirit? A body? What motive/reason is acceptable to God the Father? You said "Our spirit (if we have been born again) is permanently indwelt by Jesus’ spirit and will spend eternity in heaven." And where will be our soul? And body? How can a man be separated? What is our spirit? Maybe there is someone younger who needs the reminder of who we are?! We all have definitions of words. For exaple what do you mean to be born again? How do we know we have been born again? Faith. Faith in Jesus. He makes Himself know to us. And yes, there is the spirit and the Spirit which testifies to our spirit that we are His children.

Rich said...


We are three in One, at the core of our being we are spirit, comprised of a soul and a body.
Our soul has no life of its own, what I see in the beginning was that man was created without a nature, the two trees pointed to that which would be that nature, Knowledge of good and evil or Life, he had a choice right there.

As I have said many times through out my blogs, it is my understanding that the reason Adam chose to eat from the knowledge tree was because he thought he already was alive-had Life!

Being ‘born-again, re-birthed’ is just that, being invaded with LIFE, we were cut of from God, dead in our trespasses and sins, alienated from the life of God, by nature children of wrath, sons of disobedience….Born in sin, shaped in iniquity, the offspring of Satan.

Our soul is that which IS being saved daily if we so choose, it does NOT happen by osmosis, as much as many would like to believe in magic or fairy dust.

April said...


This is great stuff. I love looking at life in the Spirit from a "scientific" perspective. On that note, I thought you might enjoy this blog post. It was written by a friend of mine. She has a profound understanding of Quantum Physics and from an early age began seeing The Kingdom in the "quantum world". This blog post is called "Quantum Grace" and it is amazing. She also has a book called Engaging The Culture where she goes into all of it in more detail.

Rich said...


So good to hear from you again.
I have read that blog post by Perrianne and simply loved it, so having more insight from it being part of a story (book) might prove to be more interesting.

This glimpse into the unseen dealing with the possibility of an Invisible Third Strand brings together for my wife and I such an intensified love and appreciation for this One we know as our only Life!

Without the ongoing transformation that flows out of our (soul) mind being renewed, the reality of Christianity (what it means-looks like to be in Christ) will be sadly (as my wife points out) distinguished as a verb instead of a noun!