Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sinners, STOP IT!

In light of the thoughts I shared over here, “Morality For Christ’s Sake", I thought this video clip pretty much sums it up for what the morality gospel is doing to those nasty dirty messed up sinners out there. You know the baby killers, the gays, lesbians, and any others that just don’t fit in well with my/our code of ethics or morality!

STOP IT, just STOP IT, sinner, is that too hard for you to grasp? Right, let’s get this morality gospel into high gear, and legislate it without having any relationship with those being condemned with our self-righteous swords, hey, that reminds me of another time period, you know the “Holy Crusaders” "holy" men on a god mission to evangelize those poor backward Muslims, choose our God, or forfeit your heads! Must have sounded so inviting eh?

Like yeah, duh, sure okay, I’ll get the pretending down as good as you if you’ll just be patient with me.

Jesus said, “You clean the outside of the cup and it shines, but inwardly you are not in touch with Love-Life, but are in fact filled with death and corruption.”
There is an inner transformation that is unfolding from deep within hungry hearts, those knowing Whose they are, and in turn are treating with respect and dignity those who are wanting to know they too have untold value and worth and that isn’t contingent upon cleaning up their act first!



lydia said...

I hear you on this husband and I were in counseling for years, he was the 'messier' one of us, just being honest, anyway, he would always tell the pastors "What do you want me to do, push a button?" - well if God wanted robots, then yes, you could push a button, or even HE could. BUT, that is just not genuine, authentic inside out transformation now is it? I am tired of external white washed tomb life.........blech!!!

silent wings said...

That was profound! Been there...had that happen...done that to others!

"Stop it or I'll burry you alive in a box!" Sounds like the 'gospel' message my mind perceived growing up. So very sad.

I'll admit that it's the same message my heart hears and wrestles with even though I am no where near the message being voiced by others. I know the truth now that it is all about inner's just shedding those old and yucky fleshly patterns taht's a killer.

Thanks for the picture Rich.

Rich said...


By His grace, being the person He has called us to Be, is a work of Grace!

Rich said...

Silent Wings,

The One who loves me the best also knows me the most, it is this love that I choose to inhale, breath by breath!