Thursday, June 25, 2009

Embracing The Desolation

If there were no lucidness to the concentrated insane times and seasons we are subjected to, then it would be over before it starts, at least, that’s my point of view.
No matter what the Father (God) does, regardless of how it impacts and impales our lives within the soul realm, there is a irresistible tug from deep within to venture into the unseen, undiscovered vastness of what it means to be loved, and this deepened, heightened illumination is through the wasteland of desolation.

I’ve often thought about the story of Job when as it were lightening struck three times in the same life/place, only to be further launched into so much more than he could bear, and yet all of this was designed by God for a purpose that no one even detected, except for the cosmic choreographer himself.

It is within these appointed times/seasons that I am discovering it is His intention to write into the depths of my being a much greater simplicity of whose I am, and its as if these appointed times of inner desolation are the anesthetics he uses to perform this much needed heart surgery.
As painful as it is, Father is not allowing me the luxury of coming away feeling feed or full on what I have done for a period of time now, consuming the words of so many others.
I go away from this optical word smorgasbord feeling hollowed and emptier than when I dove into this visual banquet. Without establishing an intense need for something more than mere words, how will the WORD ever be able to write into the core of my being the lyrics and cords to the song he wants to sing through me?

He has lovingly called me to his banqueting table set with a sumptuous dessert in His desert!


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