Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Change Of Scenery

I’m all for taking a break, a change of scenery, having a holiday, speaking of which I am enjoying right now, the first of mine this year. But is it my change of scenery as in changing my circumstances that is needed as good as that can be to be able to see things with greater clarity, moving out of the blurred zone to become more Zen like?

Or is it a change of heart, you know, as a man thinks in his heart so is he. I’m slowly discovering that when His unconditional love reaches me deep inside and how the fears that have so distorted my outlook are seen for what they are, mere lies, it is a mind blower to see, discover His present and committed involvement in my day to day living.

I was sharing with a friend that has come to spend a couple of days with me on my first week of holidays how Father has arranged appointed times and seasons for all things, a door opens, and a door closes.
God is the one who closes doors no one can open, as well as opens doors that no one can close, and I’m discovering that going through these opened doors, new seasons have all been prepared in advance by Him.

Once again coming back to the necessity of a changed heart verses a change in my circumstances is to be able to embrace this new season only because of the deep assurance of being loved by the Father.
His love opens the eyes of our heart to see such incredible opportunities where as before the heart change, it appeared to be a much more confining and restrictive prison.

I think I’m going to spend some time soaking up the Son, learning every chance I have what it means to live loved.


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