Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Misinformed Christ

In light of the One who is the author and finisher (developer) of our faith, Christ Jesus, the one who said, I will build (establish) my church, why is it we need so many prefixes added to that reality?

One of the latest buzz words is “organic” in relation to church. Why didn’t Jesus get it straight right from the get-go? Was he misinformed? Should there have been room for these allegedly much needed addendums or prefixes such as, organic, missional, emigrant, generic, no-name, new improved, et cetera?

To my way of thinking so many have mistakenly confused what man has initiated from the loins of his carnal fleshly madness and called it the ‘church’, from what Jesus said he was going to establish is nothing short of a bad dream gone insane!
I see it much like Abraham begging God to forfeit His planned intention to bring Isaac (the promised one) into the forefront and establishing his purposes and instead begging God to do it through the fruit of his fleshly lunacy packaged in the person of Ishmael the son of his flesh.

Father in Jesus name, like the blind man that Jesus touched and asked, “What do you see” the man replying, “I see men walking about as trees.” Jesus knowing that there was a vast difference between men and trees touches the man one more time, causing him to clearly distinguish the difference!
Give us eyes to see the difference between what the flesh has birthed and what you have done from before the foundations of the earth.



Shawna said...

Great entry! Too many times, I believe Papa wonders what we are doing!

The same power that established the planets, establishes us and is found in us!

You wonder how we can get that wrong?


Rich said...

Thanks Shawna. If anything my heart breaks for those not seeing that it is His life in us as us that defines the Church.

Where there is any sickness within His body is it possible that the source of Life, Christ in us, is just nothing more than a mental concept?