Sunday, April 26, 2009

Living Out Loud

Here are some additional thoughts being shared with Lydia-Joy over at, a joy to be me.
You can read this first to see what has been discussed.


For what its worth, I can't wrap my mind around the reality of not just Christ being for me, and in me, but in me as me, wow, how can that be?!

From what I have been discovering the very things that I have struggled with I am learning that His life becoming fully formed in me as me is happening within that very struggle.

The bottom line is what He the Father of your spirit is saying to you, not what I think or what others might presume. It isn't about the right way verses the wrong way, it’s discovering His way, and he calls that Way-Truth and Life, Jesus!

The very things you have mentioned wanting to get over in your life I see being an inner gnawing something in fact He your loving Father has initiated in you, and that is the reason behind the turmoil imo (in my opinion), causing such unsettledness, its a divine tension as in a woman who has never been pregnant before, growing in her is a new life that eventually in the fullness of time wants to be seen and embraced!

It is the fruitful One you are joined to that is in fact producing in you the deep longings of your heart.

I love the majesty, beauty and wonder as Mary the mother of Jesus said, "He that is mighty has done great things in me this day, and my soul does magnify His name."

She like us are being brought to the same place, if we so choose to avail ourselves of His grace, Lord, I have no idea how the miraculous can BE done in my life, but BE it done in me according to your Word Father!!
Becoming pregnant through His imparted word!


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