Sunday, January 4, 2009

Through the Eyes of a Child

Reamonn - Through The Eyes Of A Child
by dragon02a

Thoughts from 'Unto Full Stature':

"Let it be said straight off that Christianity is not a healing cult; its primary purpose is not to keep our bodies in repair. God is not a cosmic convenience, dancing attendance on our bodily comfort. That would make us use God. And we can’t use God; God must use us (for a lack of better wording I am using the word use for now). And incidentally it must be said that Christianity is not a happiness cult. Its primary purpose is not to make us happy, as many happiness cults would imply or state. Happiness does come through the Christian faith, amazing happiness beyond description. But if the end of the Christian faith is to make us happy, then we are again using God-we are the center, not God. This means self-idolatry. Happiness is a by-product of God’s using us.

So the Christian faith is not a success cult, a happiness cult, or a healing cult as so many today have sought to make it. Its central purpose is-having redeemed man from his fallen condition-to bring man into that Fullest participation with God in that ultimate intention he designed in the beginning. Of course in realizing God’s highest, man will enjoy (as by-products) true happiness and true health. But if we seek health first-or anything else-we shall lose it-it will evade us; but if we seek first His heart’s longing, then all these things will be added to us."

What I am seeing ever so dimly is beyond captivating me in awe. It is a God-wrought compelling that I cannot resist and I will not stay mute of the wonder to which He is opening my eyes (unless He instructs me otherwise). Much like Lucy, the youngest of four children playing hide-and-seek in the movie “The Chronicles of Narnia-The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” finding to her amazement the old, covered wardrobe which she believes is a perfect place to hide, only to be transported into what at first is perceived as but her childish imagination, but in fact is a whole new world waiting just for her! In returning through the wardrobe, she knows she has been gone for hours and wonders why her siblings failed to seek her out in the game they were all playing, and as she shares what she has seen and where she has been, it falls upon deaf ears and blinded eyes.

Father is opening the eyes of the blind - a sightlessness that is so much more than mere physical optical blindness, but far more serious is the loss of sight of the heart.
Those like Lucy who are being transported through the portal of grace into the reality of His life, are tasting/entering into a living experiential knowing that eclipses what has passed as “Christianity” and the heart-beat and voice of the Father beckons our fellow siblings to go with us without knowing, and likewise discover His ultimate intention and purpose for their being here on this planet.

A child shall lead them! Even so, Lord, come.



Free Spirit said...

"A child shall lead them!"

See I told ya they weren't that beneath us (on one of my posts). In fact, I wonder if they're ABOVE us... at least in their ability to see. Hmm... ...
I bet so.

Rich said...

Free Spirit,

As I have been sharing with Dave, I have been so captivated by the Narnia story, being even further awakened to the reality-ability to see what He has purposed me to see.
It was especially encouraging to me to see that part again where after Lucy (the youngest child) comes back to the house where they were staying, playing hide and seek, she asks her siblings, “Why weren’t you seeking me, I’ve been gone for hours?” When she began to tell them her story of crossing over into a whole new world, Narnia, and what she saw and experienced, this was too incredulous to their yet closed, blinded eyes.

I know that feeling so well, speaking of a world, a dimension of reality that is more real to me in Him than so much around me, and yet I too am met with looks of great consternation.
But that is the way it will always be for us who are seeing the realness of everything revolving around the Son and not us.