Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Reckoning of Revelation

There’s a reckoning afoot in the core of our being, can you begin to feel-sense the preliminary but faint rippling tsunami affects of the Father’s love which is about to rapture whosoever from their inner entanglements. Even so Lord COME!
Without a true compass, is it any wonder our course has been one very prolonged maelstrom, going fast nowhere?
There is a forth coming, Jesus being the first born of ‘many sons’ who will demonstrate in a living show and tell manner the proof not only of God, but God our Father wooing those He has prepped to be fully received of Him in and through us His body which IS the Church!

History continues to be used of the Father as a living lesson for those wanting to know the Truth. How very often men have assumed wrong centers in their reckoning. You recall there was a day when men believed that the earth was the center of our solar system. They imagined that the sun and all other planets revolved around the earth. What confusion this Ptolemaic system of reckoning wrought. The calendar needed constant revision: the seasons were coming either too late or too early. Because men were off-centered in their reckoning, things were eccentric.

Then Galileo and Copernicus arose to challenge this wrong centered reckoning. They insisted that the sun, not the earth, was the true center of this solar system. But they were treated by the Roman authoritarianism of that day which often burned at the stake those who dared to preach such heresy. Apart from an open mind or illumination, the religious hierarchy of that day could not see or would not accept any new conception. Is this not God’s graphic way of picturing how fallen men have always sought to make ‘everything’ (even God and His blessings) to revolve around them for their own ends. Men who are cancerous at heart will surely impose wrong-centered conceptions upon the world.

What a revelation of having Christ in us the hope of Glory, but paralleled with this is a hidden mystery yet to be incorporated within us just as real, us being IN Christ!
Semantics you blather Richard, no not in the least. There is a righteous rightness coming fourth with those responding to His call, purpose, intention, will.
He is the Living Word, sharper than a two edged knife-scalpel cutting asunder, bringing a division between the “soul and the spirit.” I have come to bring a sword, not peace, Jesus continues to proclaim to His church.
This may sound way to mechanical for some, needless to say, all of the righteous-rightness is the out working of a continued revelation of us being found IN Christ! Love has willed this, love will release this.

Things are being so altered, changed nearer and faster, it seems the frog (metaphorically) all over again is being boiled alive on the stove in broad daylight and nary a word or peep from those seeing through the narcotic opiated placebos being swallowed on a moment by moment basis by the masses.
This day-hour of revelation-reckoning is extricating us from within our very core, establishing a true setting of our hearts desires, releasing us to once again revolve around the Son! This continued revelation-reckoning is freeing many from their spiritually lost equilibrium, those whose course have been infected by religions lies, with something akin to Lucy being transfixed in pure rapture as she steps through the wardrobe in the closet out into the new undiscovered world of Narnia. “No eye has yet seen, no ear has yet heard, that which is to impale our hearts” with His love.
Even so Lord come.

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Free Spirit said...

Hey Rich,
I love this phrase: "spiritually lost equilibrium" - boy, haven't I felt that!

What's more amazing, or maybe it's even your point, is how religion is much to blame for this self-centered spiritual universe we've strategically built.

I love the visual here of the sun (Son) being at the center of it all.

I gotta wonder how many really want that revelation. But, then... that's His job to take care of.

Rich said...

Free Spirit,

I love this phrase: "spiritually lost equilibrium" - boy, haven't I felt that! Yes, isn’t it so succinctly spot on when we keep moving forward in Him as He is directing our course, and yet the compass of our emotions are coming unhinged!

Yes, the Son is our center and as this revelation continues to unfold within us, we will see and hear and live out of His ability..An inner knowing that frees us to only do and say what our Father is making clear to us.

Yes, it is very much His wooing us, while we were yet sinners, dead in our trespasses, His enemies, He died for us. That points me to the miraculous One who can accomplish anything!