Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The End of our Rope

I love the picture here I’ve chosen for this piece, the caption under it read: “This was actually the poster shot for a work I completed in 1997 called "Faith". The idea was the examination of the fragility of life... we all dangle so precariously at the end of our rope... hanging by a thread, so to speak.”

Along this journey you will notice that every good thing he has imprinted in your heart came at your most difficult moments. I don’t think for a moment that God orchestrates these times, because the consequences of living in a fallen world will provide ample opportunities. What amazes me is how he uses the most hurtful moments for his purpose.
You’ll even see him use what others intend for evil to purify your heart and teach you to depend on him even more.
Much of the curriculum for this journey lies in the very circumstances you’re begging God to change. This journey is at once more painful than you can imagine and filled with more wonder than you can contain. Don’t think it a broad road, for it is not. You’ll find even your dearest friends in Christ may not understand the most difficult places in your journey. But trust him to take you through them and he will. In doing so he will make you a little more like him.
I don’t know that we’ll ever get comfortable at the end of the rope, but at least we don’t have to dread it or think it proof he has abandoned us
.” (He Loves Me-Wayne Jacobsen).


The dance of faith.

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