Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where Are You Now

I want to conduct an inquiry here especially directed toward those who have been heavily involved in the Charismatic back ground and now, are either ‘outside the box’ of institutional organized religion or you’re some place else.

My inquiry has to do with this; those of you who were visible and vocal with regards to the prophetic, preaching, teaching, worship leading-leader/s, whatever, where are you now that you have NO outlet for your specific ‘gifting/s, calling, anointing, ministry?’
Where and what is your identity now apart from the holy place, holy huddle, with the holy folks?

I hope to be enlightened here if I’m wrong, but from what I can see especially with those who have been heavily involved within the Charismatic stuff, e.g. the Vineyard and others, folks are either, POW’s, statistics-casualties of the war, simply settling into some form or expression of religion or have come to know and experience Life totally apart from the religious land of Oz.

Also I am aware of those trying to reinvent the religious wheel of ‘church’ only trying so very hard not to call it that if possible. Please hear me I am not judging anyone; this is but an observation on my part.

Another thing I’m going to throw in here is this. What’s with those, the ones many of us have looked up to as viable ‘leaders’ who likewise came to a crash and burn reality and encountered the God of Grace, and then slowly walked away from this personal sobering grace wakeup call, and established yet another ministry (identity) only this time its based upon the ‘truth’ of grace verses law?
I find it amazing how this encounter with the grace of God can, like anything else be turned into a means of promoting self and profiting big time by it!

I know I’m drifting away from my original question, but hey, let’s go along for the ride.

If I were to ask one of these folks who have turned grace into a (their) new ministry-calling how and why they did so, I think I might get this kind of explanation. How could this not be of God, just look at the many, many, many cards and letters and emails and on and on that I get in response to what the Lord has spoken through me, ‘my ministry-pod cast-books-my-my-my-! I guess one can’t argue with cold hard facts, or can one?

With the fresh and sobering news leaking out from the Lakeland Florida-Todd Bentley thing, it is very easy to see how as Brad Cummings said on a recent pod cast, ‘It’s not the wickedness of my heart that alarms me as much as it is the ability to be deceived by my own thinking, rationalizing.’On a
blog I was led to, I posted this comment regarding the author’s comments revolving around the Lakeland/Bentley issue.

“The carnage continues and will continue as long as we choose to drink the holy 'Kool-Aid’ offered by the angel of light himself. The kicker is that the enemy of our soul is powerless until we give a mind to him. I share this as one who has been resurrected from the dead, one of John Arnott’s former assistant pastors.

It is truly amazing how we allow ourselves to be deceived through the deceitfulness of our own hearts. Father loves us too much to violate us, to force us to choose life verses death, and yet it takes a death to witness His power to turn that which was intended for evil, into the Good only He can bring out of it.

Here is something I want to say as well. If we persist in going our own way the Father will allow us to do so. He will allow us to live with the consequences of those actions. The demonstration of the Father’s love in these situations is not in getting us out of them but in what He does with them. There is no one who can get so much good out of a lousy situation as God can. The Father allows us to experience the consequences of our follies but He is also right there with us in them.”

I look forward to any who wish to respond to my inquiries,


Lorikate said...

I was raised Charismatic. I never questioned it, not once, because that's what I was taught. Then I met my fiance and he was raised in a Pilgrim Holiness church! So, I left churches for a while. Then I heard about Todd Bentley. I wanted to keep an open mind about it, but as soon as I watched the videos, I knew that this was NOT what God wants us to do. So I picked up my Bible, and decided at 29 years of age, that I was finally going to find the answers out for myself. I haven't stopped since!! I guess I would consider myself a "former" pentacostal/charismatic", yet I still adhere to some beliefs. Example..I don't believe in their version of tongues, the apostles and prophets wee used by Christ to build his church, and now it's built..so there's no need for apostles and prophets. I believe miracles and prophecies do exist, but we're not to be seeking/worshiping the phenomona of it all. I believe in eternal security, freedom of worship/dance/singing for the Lord. I guess you could call me a "Bapticostal". But in ALL things...every person, regardless of denomination, needs to search the scripture for themselves. I test EVERYTHING.

I think "Humble thyself in the sight of the Lord" is a lost art. As long as we are on our knees everyday, knowing that we are nothing without Him....then we are truly following Jesus, and not our own fleshly desires. It's a fine line between the two, and often difficult to see.

So, I probably didn't answer any question, but there you have it, my 2 cents worth.

Rich said...

Hi Lorikate,

Thank you so very much for your thoughts, insights and opinions, fabulous.

I want to respond further to what you shared here when I have time later tonight. I also wanto dive into your blog. I love hearing new voices from around the world that are speking out the Father's life-heart as He is making it known to them experientially.

I have wanted to ask this/these questions so many times before, just didn't get into gear and 'just do it'!

My purpose in inquiring was/is to provoke further conversation, not intended to be a criticising or judging of anyone. It is imo all about 'will the real God-Jesus' stand up and be seen.

There are so many that want to dicker over so many bogus issues and in the process totally missing the One wjho has called us to Himself :(

Blessings to you,