Friday, August 15, 2008

Do You See What I See

My wife has been getting estimates on window and door replacements. One representative told her his company was best because it was part of an organization assembled for the sole purpose of ensuring that they were all on the same page when it came to window installation. Apparently, only the most respected contractors were invited to share their input. The guy talking to my wife said it was interesting to watch these big-name contractors, all with huge egos, debating and arguing over the course of two days over the best way to install a window, but eventually they hammered out a consensus.

When she shared this with me, I couldn’t help but see me in this story. I began to see once again how very easy it is to forget that Papa is love, and become so focused on seeing only my point of view at the expense of how much more my life could be enriched in (listening) hearing the Father’s heart being expressed through those like me who are growing and learning of His grace as well.

I love this quote from last weeks pod cast with Wayne and Brad from the
God Journey pod cast: Its not because there's conflict, not because people see things differently, it's how we treat people who see things differently.” I do not want to be blinded by my need to have my ego pumped up at the expense of not extending His love that is poured out on me toward others.

Something else that made His heart so evident to me is what my friend
Dave shared recently: “I realized that my passion for photography had somewhat faded. At least the passion part. I do really enjoy it but I concluded that I would have more enjoyed knowing those people. That feeling out of place was a sense that if I joined that club it would be a knowing one another only after the photography (after the flesh, perhaps).”

I realize I am quoting several different ones here, but the combined pieces make up such a living mosaic it’s hard to know when to stop when so much life is hitting you between the eyes. Here is something from a wonderful friend I am just beginning to know,
Amy over at Walking in the Spirit.

What is becoming so real, so breath taking to me, is in seeing and hearing how so many of His sons and daughters are being brought into a vibrant, thriving, living encounter with the Father of their spirit, and the kicker is, it’s being done without the aid of any mediator other than the man Christ Jesus!

If we own nothing, then there is nothing to defend, and nothing to loose.



Ruth Lang said...

Hi Rich - how are u this morning?
That's exciting , new windows! and doors too! yeahhh. Enjoyed some time here on your blog this morning, it's like a breath of fresh air to me. It does seem there is so much conflict and debating over issues and everyone clamoring to be heard. It gets sooooo tiring (and noisy). I don't see spiritual value in this behaviour. Other than it starts to hurt our ears. but maybe the spiritual value is there and it's for us - that we can learn how to live free in that and learn how we need to be in the midst of noise. love that quote - it's not because there's conflict, not because people see things differently, it's how we treat people who see things differently. simple. it's such a great reminder and that is true freedom, isn't it. WE are loved, we love and others are free as we are. Ultimately people (ourselves) are free to choose and yet we are loved deeply in that process. : )

Amy said...

Great Blog! I love the story of the contracters all "talking" (aka: boasting) about what they believed their "best way" of fixing the window would be. I certainly have been both these men (metaphorically) myself (unfortunately), but also the receiving end (listening) to them, too. Looking back today, and even now, if I happen to find myself listening to or reading such a conversation, I find myself either laughing (not at them, but of what they are saying) to the point of tears. (Hee hee, if you know what I mean).

~Amy :)

Rich said...


It is always a joy to see you and hear your heart in what you have to say...because you are important, everything you do is likewise, important :)

I want more than anything to LIVE out of/from my nature, the very nature of my Father who is LOVE, and all that comes with that.

I so want to be quick to listen, and slower to speak, listening to His heart beat within my brother or sister trying to express that very same nature.

I want to learn to carry in my heart before Him those he loves, as Papa gives grace for me to do so.

Be fore I forget, I am doing well, the injured knee is mending nicely and as far as my holidays we will be doing day trips mostly, as i am having to continue with my physio treatments. But we will have fun in the Son!

Rich said...


Like wise it's always a pleasure to hear your heart as Papa continues to intoxicate you with the wine of His love.

Most folks see there only being 2 ways, the right vs the wrong way, but 4 me, I want His WAY, Christ in me as me! :)