Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Black and White World

In a black and white world, a world that has been pulled over our eyes to blind us from the Truth of there actually being a God, a God who wants to become our unconditional and loving Father, there is NO room for anything less or more than it being spelled out in a black and white existence.
To deviate from the party-line, the prescribed national anthem of refusing to see or believe there is something far more than what most have ever settled for, like in the Matrix this thought being likened to a ‘splinter in the brain.’

The father of lies (Satan) who resides in the flesh of all humanity, and yes that includes the ‘Christians” as well, is well versed in the fine art of lies and deception, and uses them skillfully in keeping us fixed firmly to a unique matrix expressly designed for each person.
Each of us has been born into this worldly-religious matrix, and because it is all we’ve ever know, anything contrary to it is viewed (because of our foundation being fear), as a threat.

There is no acceptance, no room for the colors of His love in a black and white world, and that will be forcefully resisted. All trespassers will be KILLED. Beneath the smooth, placid, kind and loving exterior of humanity lies a vicious monster just waiting for anyone to dare try changing their world.The video I have used here in my opinion shouts this reality out like the cannons going off in the 1812 overture.

Please, don’t kid yourself; this invisible hidden adversary is relentless in ‘trying’ to maintain the cloak of freedom we think we have, all the while keeping us bound.All hell busts loose whenever anyone simply responds to the Father’s unspeakable offer of Life. He is powerless to stop the miracle of Grace transporting us from his world of death and illusion into the Father’s family, but his determination is only fueled exponentially by launching a continued assault upon us to once again ensnare us by turning us toward our bankrupt self.


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