Monday, July 7, 2008

This Present Christ

If there is no ability to choose, then what good is free will?

It is my contention that being a human being and also a Christian is much like oil and water - they just don’t mix (or do they?), and it is within this dissonance our loving Father constantly presents us with such choices.

On a daily basis, to one degree or another, we are faced with the choice of being drawn, dragged back into our past or stymied with fear at the uncertainty of what the future holds. So many things compete to cloud our minds, and a clouded mind sees nothing!

The canvas of our mind is being painted with vivid and powerful strokes. The paint is especially formulated by the enemy to keep us living in an illusory world of fear lies and shadows, but the God of love stepped into this surreal world, clothing himself with our humanity, and in so doing embraced every fear we would ever experience. He lived as a man - and as a man overcame, defeated the father of lies and made a way of escape for us, right now, this very moment.

It is simply but powerfully summed up as, ‘I AM’!



Free Spirit said...

Yes. Religion seems mostly to teach that He WAS.
I tend to need an I AM, cause my "was" isn't fixable.

Dave A. said...

Yes, it runs smack in the face of the religious mindset that says, "I can fix this thing called me. God left me with His instruction manual afterall." I used to believe that myself but now it just makes me want to wretch.