Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Who Has Bewitched You

What unmitigated gall, this conceited but unabashed ex Pharisee daring to say this.

It blows my mind as I soak in the majesty and wonder of the God imprinting that took place in our being conceived by the sperm-Word-re-birthing of God, and in a heart beat for most folks as soon as a pretty face comes along in the form of any style/flavor of religion we are seduced away from our true Father, or as Paul puts it, ‘bewitched’.
Kind of reminds me of the scene in the movie (here he goes again, talking about that stupid movie The Matrix one more time) where Morpheus is training Neo.

Neo in this setting discovers what is happening to him is but a further training situation, all intricately being used in Neo discovering his TRUE identity.

What seemingly unreal settings, circumstances and situations is the Father using in your life/training, to free you from the surrogate ones that have usurped the rightful place of God the Father and him alone being your direct access to Life and freedom.


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