Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Looking on the Heart

Love, true love, unconditional love, really is a mind bender isn’t it?

It talks about Jesus not needing any help in seeing through people, he knew them/us inside and out, we are by nature untrustworthy, and yet, he was never critical, condemning, or wanting to shame anyone.
In the face of knowing by personal experience when He took upon himself our flesh, which veiled within was full corruption, a depravity that is a master of disguise, illusion.
As I see it there is either sinful flesh or religious flesh, and yet Jesus said it was either flesh that flesh would reproduced or it was spirit that the spirit would reproduce, period.

I find it interesting that the term/word ‘sinner’ has a very twisted meaning in the minds of most folks, as does the word ‘saint.’
We are defined as sinners not because of our action/s, sins, but by the nature we were born with, it is out of that nature that the sins are manifested.
Likewise the ‘saint’ is not a saint because of the saintly things they do, but it is a definition of the reality of which they are, aka their identity.

It blows my mind knowing how Jesus was able to read/know the hearts of people and yet he did NOT judge them, just the opposite, He had such compassion upon them/us.

Maybe being quick to listen and slow to speak has more to it than meets the mouth?


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