Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Must Turn Aside and Look Into This Matter

In some of my recent thoughts (on both of my blogs) I have shared about the inevitable struggle-grind we all are confronted with.

It was in becoming flesh that God in the person of His son Jesus Christ fully entered into our plight/struggle, and transformed it, and in so doing has established a living hope for all.

From the book, Amazing Grace, (A Vocabulary Of Faith), Kathleen Norris shares this: ‘I am grateful now for that experience of pain and struggle; it makes my present enjoyment of worship all the sweeter.’

And this: 'I didn't do living right, at first. When I was six months old, I nearly died. All wrong, for an infant, to be so caught up in the last things. Naturally, the hospital was called Providence; in all likelihood, as I was in danger of dying, a nun baptized me there. My official baptisim came four months later, in the arms of my grandfather Norris, a Mthodist pastor. Six months of age is too early to learn that one's mother and father are helpless before death. But the struggle that took place in my infant body and still-forming, pre-verbal intelligence was between life and death, and I am convinced that a sense of something vast, something yet to come, took hold in my unconscious and remains there still.'


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