Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Put The Past Where It Belongs

 I so enjoyed this article by my friend Dave Price.

The greatest tragedy of life is to be chained to the past. Oscar Wilde said, "Every sinner has a future, every saint has a past." The lie, the deception, is that the past defines who you are. That is a bald faced lie. The past certainly has shaped you, but it does not define you. What is the past, anyway? It is an imagination - a memory, influenced by emotion, tainted by opinion and perception. Every moment you allow that imagination, that twisted lie to influence the present moment, you deny yourself the opportunity to create the pure and perfect gift that this very moment has to offer.

What is the present? It is the opportunity to fulfill God's purpose for life. That purpose is creation! God created us in His image, with the power and the purpose to create. This present moment provides the only opportunity to fulfill that purpose. This present moment provides the only opportunity to fully create what this moment will be for eternity. To the degree that you believe God, trust God, seek God in the present moment, leaving behind the past just as He has, is the degree to which you fulfill the entire purpose of life, to create the perfect moment with all the power of creativity He has designed and empowered in you.

If you say you lack the ability to change the circumstances you find yourself in, you deny the power of God in you. If you say you lack the ability to change what the past has created in you, you deny the power of Christ's rebirth. If you deny the ability to change this very moment, you deny the power of the Holy Spirit in you, and you deny the very purpose of life.
You cannot change the past. You cannot deny the influence the past has had on who you are. However, you must not believe that this is a negative thing. Yes, the past has added to who you are. The key is that it has added. Each moment adds to who you are. It can never detract from who you are. The past has added to who you are and you are better for it. You have a responsibility to this present moment to use all you have gained to create everything you have the power to create, to make this a perfect moment.

Life is an open book and you are the author of its pages. You can wallow in the self pity of yesterday's poorly written words, or you can relish the opportunity to create the masterpiece you were created to create. What is the future? It is the unfinished masterpiece of your present moments. You are the Rembrandt, the Edison, the Einstein, the Shakespeare of your present moment - what will you write next?


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