Monday, March 28, 2011


We have seen who Jesus is by revelation of the Holy Spirit. He is the very Bread of God come down from Heaven and is as necessary to our inward man as natural food is to our outward man. That is so often proved by our choices. If, on the one hand, there is an opportunity for some spiritual food, and on the other hand there is an opportunity or invitation for some natural enjoyment, the true disciple always says: 'I am for the spiritual food! That is more important to me than all natural pleasures.' This is the kind of disciple that Jesus must have: those to whom He is the only life. That is gathered into this word which He used: 'Except'... 'Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man... Except ye drink His blood ye have not life.' There are no alternatives to this. There is nothing that you can put into the place of this. It is this, or nothing - or, it is this or spiritual death.

Yes, He wants disciples to whom He is the only life, not just life and something else. There are whole multitudes of disciples who want Christ and something else, to whom Christ is not all-sufficient, the only life, and the Lord is going to sift out those in his body who carry the name of 'disciples'. He has always done it. He did it in New Testament times. The mighty persecutions which came upon the early Church were His means of sifting out, and through the ages He has done this thing by many means. He is doing it in the world today. Oh, what a tremendous sifting is going on amongst Christians! It is already beginning in the east and is going to develop in the west - the western world is not going to escape this. The great multitudes who may call themselves by the name of Christ's disciples are going to be found out. Let us be quite clear and certain on this point. If Christ is not our only life we are going out, for sooner or later we shall not be able to stand up to the test.



Free Spirit said...

Great words!! It absolutely describes what has been going on in my own life. It's a sifting. It is uncomfortably freeing, as I sense the sifting creating a distance between me and those close to me whom I love. But, Father IS doing it now, and it will only be on the increase from now on. The beautiful part is how He strengthens us from within to withstand the inevitable separation it brings between us and others, and then He enables us to ARISE in His POWER right in their midst. We will see glorious days ahead!!

I was reading through some of my old posts enjoying seeing how Father has been growing me, when I saw some uplifting comments from you. You used an interesting word, which I didn't understand at the time, but my eyes are currently opening to it. You kept using forms of the term "hypnosis" and post hypnotic suggestion in reference to Satan's methods. I now see it. I'm reading a book which you may have read, or would find interesting, if not. It's called The Hypnotic States Of Americans, by Roy Masters. He's a Jew, and I think possibly a believer in Jesus (not sure yet), but has some great insight that now makes sense to me, and certainly falls in line with your suggestion of Satan's use of post hypnotic suggestion on us.

Anyways, I still await a great reunion of getting to meet you and others who've played a significant role in these days of my freedom-finding, someday, at least for sure on the other side of heaven. May Father continue to lift up His countenance upon you!

Rich said...

Free Spirit,

Wow, I sure enjoyed the personal update of His inner activity of the ongoing sifting taking place within you.
The separating (sifting) between the spirit and flesh is imo a life time process that needs to unfold in the believers life.

Indeed there are glorious days ahead as well as the hour we now find ourselves in.

The book you've mentioned sounds very interesting. My alluding to post hypnotic suggestions that imo took place in the garden resonates with me in that today the rippling affect of charming, bewitching, beguiling continues to infect all who have their minds set upon the flesh.

Our spirits have been fully activated in the re-birthing process, but sadly knowing about, vs experiencing the reality of the Father, Son, and Spirit's love, our God given birth-right to be able to discern often sits idle while we give into the subtle subduction"s presented in the form of half truths.

This journey continues to cause my heart to leap for joy no matter what I may be facing at any given moment.

His continued richest and best you dear sister and friend!!

Rich said...

This journey from Ur to Bethel is taken by every soul that sets out to follow Christ. It is. however, not a journey for the feet but for the heart. The newborn Christian is a migrant; he has come into the kingdom of God from his old home in the kingdom of man and he must get set for the violent changes that will inevitably follow.