Friday, September 10, 2010

Dead Men Walking

I was reading from the Beyond Church Walls and read David Fredrickson’s post and wanted to share some of what he wrote about as well as my thoughts and questions to him, you can read his post here.


David said;

I’m amazed at how active my dead life can be sometimes. There are those days when I feel like my life doesn’t count for much. And then when I’m under pressure to get something done that’s time sensitive and the computer freezes, the printer jams and 101 other things are screaming for attention, he (my dead life) rears up with incredible energy. My world shrinks to dwarf size while small obstacles become Goliaths. I know I’m oozing radio active green slime and if anyone comes near, I feel compelled to call out “dead man walking!”


I am pondering on what you’ve said here, as it is a most familiar and seemingly repetitive illustration talked about and I’m sure thought about re: the “dead Man Walking” scenario.

The whole “There are those days when I feel like my life doesn’t count for much” and tying that into our old life being dead, which I do agree, but! From my perspective this has yet to be unpacked in my way of thinking on a personal level not to mention for the body as well that is obviously looking at this dynamic tension of what is, but appears to be isn’t.

What I am looking at is this, yes the “old life is dead” but does that automatically presume that our soul (mind will and emotions) were like wise instantly made new in the re-birthing, this is really a rhetorical question actually?

I think we for lack of clarity get slimmed but not knowing the truth of the ongoing work of grace that is there in our being transformed by the ‘renewing of our (soul) mind!!

We are all in transition imo and I think that we are way to hard on ourselves being so impatient with, what’s wrong with me, I thought I was a “Christian” and here look at me “behaving” like this.

I would love to hear your feed back on this.


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lionwoman said...

Hi Rich, I agree with both you and David. It is about transformation of the mind, which as we've learned has been badly impeded over our years in institutional church, at least to a large degree. I felt like it was one step forward and two steps back, for a long time. Now after leaving an institutional atmosphere again, I'm remembering truths that I knew in my heart all along, but have the room to breathe and clearly think them again. :-) KWIM?