Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Simply The Best

In coming back to work after three weeks of holidays on Monday of this week, I was greeted with many warm expressions of welcome back, and how were the holidays, to which I replied, simply the best I’ve had in many years.
Wow, where did you go, what did you do they asked?
In explaining that I really didn’t go anywhere or do what they might have considered to be something really important, I could see this quizzical looks on their faces, huh, that does not compute!

Isn’t it a mind bender to think that we can discover pleasure in the One whose pleasure in us makes the Seven Wonders of the World seem like yesterdays news? I am becoming more convinced than ever that if I could travel to the hottest of hot spots on this planet and not know what it means to be loved so unconditionally right where I am, then that so called paradise place would be nothing more than stale bread.

Without the reality of the Father’s love for us reaching deep inside and totally altering the death and fear that keeps our minds filled with smog, we will be nothing more than caged lab rats keeping the spinning wheel turning in our relentless pursuit of happiness.
I remember the first time I read how Joseph’s (of the Bible) life turned a 180 when he discovered that his prison became a palace in discovering His presence, I thought yeah right, but lets be real, we live in a real world buddy.
Well although that didn’t make a dent in me then so I thought, today is another day of discovering that there is no place where he isn’t working in secret to bring into my consciousness the unfathomable knowing of His intense delight and pleasure in me his son! When this becomes much more than a sterile and distant theology, life and its abundance erupts from within, spilling out all over everything I do and where I go.

The wide open door to His heart is there right in front of you, simply step through the portal of grace and right before your eyes, all that you have ever longed for will BE yours!
In Him we live, move and discover our purpose in life is to be fully alive expressions of being desired.



Māris said...

Amen! and thanks for this post! :)

Rich said...


Thanks Bro. As we were just saying, Tina Turner does a great job singing that song, Simply The Best!