Thursday, October 22, 2009


I loved this video clip, I have no idea of what it was that evoked such deep resonating feelings of rapturous joy within me, all I know is that this somehow points to something so much bigger than anything feelings can grasp!
It was as if I was witnessing (in my own words) a prophetic, poetic rapper, much like a synchronized swimmer that regulates their breathing as they swim.



Anonymous said...

ah, did you see this on Patti Digh's site? I think she is the one who introduced me to Andrea Mitchell and I have been a huge fan every since. I hope I get the privilege of seeing her live on day.

This is my favorite clip:

Rich said...


Yes I did see it on her sight, and thanks for the link!

I really enjoyed this clip as well, there is just something in the whole mix of things that she does that consistently evokes such intense joy in me.

I love it when someone is able to madly but loving paint so wildly with words, I feel the colors richly staining my soul with delight!