Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It Doesn’t Work %#$@!”*&^%!!

That’s what my daughter said as she tried for the umpteenth time to get the new external hard drive we bought her to work on her Mac notebook!
I/we love our precious daughter more than anything (and if our son ever reads this, we love him mucho as well) and we we’re ready to go the distance to resolve this problem for her before she headed back to Montreal.
Where we bought the hard drive was in a city that is about an a 50 minute drive from us, so in the flurry of trying to resolve this dilemma my wife took our daughter to a PC store here in our city, the guy tried a new usb cable, bingo, it worked. They got home only to hear, “it doesn’t work,” what we said!
Long story short, the problem wasn’t with the external hard drive or the USB cable, our daughter unknowingly had hooked it up to her Mac using the wrong USB cable, she had used her boy friends USB cable that works with his camera-DUH! Problem solved, IT WORKS!!

This may not be the perfect illustration but, how is it any different really if we who are in Christ and have become a new creation, to try and live out the rest of our lives here on Earth trying to make outer laws, (the wrong USB cable) Mosaic or contemporary laws, rules, regulations work in governing our lives?

I want to encourage anyone who is a follower of Christ or who has had any kind of encounter with God to take the time to read a great book, which I can not say enough good things about. I free download is available here.

I’m sure as read again what I feel Father is (reassuringly) speaking to my heart, I will be putting up additional thoughts.



Bino M. said...

Rich - Sounds like it's a book for my kind of taste... :) Thanks for the link!

Rich said...


I hope you enjoy it, in fact I was thinking of you as I was reading it.
Different things you have posted/shared on your blog came to mind as I dived into this simple and delight filled book.