Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Unfolding Mystery

I said to my wife this morning after sharing the quote I have here, it is so liberating to me to hear His heart and voice for me and it doesn’t matter how that miracle comes to my awareness, but as it does, it continues to be in me the absolute forbearance needed as the continued transformation (metamorphosis) unfolds in my life.

It has always been the imprinted desire of my heart to KNOW HIM, nothing less will do and after reading some of what Dena has put into print from her own ongoing transformation, my newly discovered delight in Him (embracing His delight in me) is catapulting me forward into all that is mine.
As Oz Chambers was fond of saying, “Never look so much for the person who can tell you something new, as much as the one that simply puts a name and face to that which has been initiated
by Him working in you.”
This in fact is being done in hearing His heart beat for me through Dena. It feels as if a damn has been broken afresh in seeing and hearing this One who has called me to BE His very own.


“Transformation is not only terrifying to those who go through it, but to those who witness it. Transformation upsets status quo ... it can throw relationships off-balance - particularly if the relationship was invested in following a script (subconsciously, of course). When our equilibrium is threatened, we tend to self-protect ... to shut down, to hold back, to go within. So it can be in relationships when one is transforming in a particular way, and the other is not. All too often, the relationship can be sacrificed, in favor of feeling "safe and secure" with what's familiar. I wonder how many transformations have been cut short and abandoned, because the one transforming couldn't take the abandonment of those who didn't understand...? How many quit the journey, in favor of conforming to group-think?”

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