Monday, July 6, 2009


Nicole, you've opened a whole can of worms here with your questions, and I'm loving it!
I asked my wife for her input regarding what you wrote in response to my piece I wrote, so the following are her thoughts and I will be adding mine later. I want to say that I am in agreement though with what she has said here.

I am in no way saying the following is the gospel truth; it’s just how I see things.

I think that anything that presents itself as ‘truth’ outside of knowing the Lord is merely an illusion, much like how Neo abruptly realized that his prior life was not the ‘real’ reality. The truth is that all of humankind was ‘born in sin and shaped in iniquity’. Our outlook on life has been distorted from birth because it’s based on lies; the scriptures state unequivocally that the entire world lies in the power of the evil one. It’s only when we come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ that we begin to question what we had once so firmly believed to be true. But even then, there are degrees and limitations to the extent of ‘truth’ one is willing to perceive.

I think that our choices don’t necessarily define our reality but they do play a role in how much truth we eventually see. For example, several times in my life I’ve accepted ‘the red pill’. I knew the Lord would not love me any less had I taken the blue pill, but if I had I knew I would have missed out on God’s best. Choosing the red pill has resulted in much pain, suffering and sorrow, but I know without a doubt I would never have come to know the Lord the way I do today otherwise. Consider the folk who are content to sit in a pew. It’s a comfortable, familiar place – for them. Maybe at some point in their lives they were offered a red pill and turned it down, preferring to live a life with as little drama as possible. There’s no doubt they’re born again, but the ‘truth’ they see is limited to the secure confines of their safe little world.

On the other hand, there are others who are willing to have their eyes opened no matter what the cost. As was the case with Neo, this process is extremely painful. Why? It’s because the enemy of our soul does not want us to know the truth, and he will do his diabolical utmost to keep us blind and in bondage. The problem is, we don’t have eyes to see how he’s twisted and perverted our thinking.

I think that the bottom line is that truth is available to anyone willing to receive it…and not everyone is.



Nicole said...

Great thoughts here about truth! These questions that I posed earlier on your blog, I have also started a conversation over on my facebook page regarding this! Here is something I said.

"Sometimes I wonder if we just settle into our own little realities of what we believe is truth, and never move because we think we have arrived to all truth. But in my reality, I don't want to think that I have God all figured out! And that brings me to question if anyone has really arrived to the full depth of truth? And, what makes reality, reality? Is it us who proclaim it as reality? I wonder if this keeps us from fully depending on God himself because we are so quick to settle and get nestled in our own comforts in how we are to behave and what we are to believe."

I completely agree that truth is available to anyone who is willing to receive it! To add to the conversation; can thinking we know the whole truth be taken in as arrogance and pride by some who thinks they have the full truth and all the answers to everything related to Father?! I tend to think that or maybe question whether or not one man can understand the fullness of God's truth, unless I am blindsided to that fact! I guess I am cautious when it comes to people's absolutes when having a conversation about God because of the arrogance, whether or not they are right or wrong! Similar to what I wrote about arrogance on my blog!

Anyway, sorry to carry on! This has been on my mind all day! I loved what Margo had to say! I am eager to hear what your thoughts as well Rich!

In Freedom, Nicole!

I agree completely with what Margo had to say!

Rich said...


I will be responding to this and more soon, thanks for the addtional ponderings, wonder-filled stuff! :)

I would like to see what is being shared on face book that you mentioned if possible, as I am on it as well.

Nicole said...

Hey Rich! If you would like to add me please go ahead, I would love for you to be my friend on there!

Look for: Nicole Hebert, I have a black hat on looking out in the distance if you look by picture!