Monday, May 4, 2009

Mind Over Mattress

Every morning it’s a gargantuan feat defying gravity just getting out of bed, or as I like to call it “mind over mattress”. In the spirit sense, the parallel would be rising from the muck and mire of our previous ‘stinking thinking’ in order that our minds be transformed: “Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus”. This phenomenon doesn’t ‘just happen!’ as if by osmosis. It requires effort – usual considerable effort. How so? The scriptures describe the miracle of God’s grace impacting our lives as thus,
“For the law of the spirit of life has freed us from the (gravitational pull)of the law of sin and death.”
However, it kills me every time I hear of someone dismissing this vital aspect of our being as if at the point of conversion we were instantly made perfect in our soul. I wish! In the nasty now-and-now of every day living we are being confronted with a stark reality that another component of our being has yet to transformed or altered, that being our soul, our mind, will and emotions.
Is it possible (as I hear all the time) that we might in fact be experiencing perfection in motion, i.e. becoming fully perfect? And I’m not talking about human perfection here, but a perfection that we already have in Christ within our spirit union, but NOT yet within our needy soul.

If I didn’t know better, it would appear that some believers are on “auto-pilot” or “duct taped” to a permanent ‘on’ position. Let me elaborate (and this all comes back to my original illustration of ‘mind over mattress’): everyday we are confronted with issues that force us to make a choice, my way versus His way. If there were no choice where would there ever be an opportunity to expect any further growth or maturation in my walk with Christ? We learn, grow and mature by our choosing. We learn to cooperate with his grace in these instances.

Although a believer is no longer operating or living out of the flesh, he still has sin within his members, and the impetus for that sin is the sinner from the beginning, Satan - the father of lies who continues to assault the believer through a lack of experientially having the truth fleshed out within his/her soul.

There is nothing missing in His amazing grace in as far as it as been applied to our lives in being reborn, or “birthed” by the spirit of God! Instantly within our spirit there was a resurrection as it were, the Spirit of God being united (becoming one) with our state of deadness, quickening us and making us to become fully alive within our spirit. That area has obtained perfection, but our bodies are yet to obtain that which is yet to come - a new glorified earth suit - and it’s a promised deal, just another display of His life transforming grace transforming the corruptible into that which will ever be incorruptible.



lydia joy said...

Hey there Rich,

I finally took the time to come and visit you! I am enjoying your writing and hearing your thoughts mixed with an obvious life understanding of who you really are!! Refreshing.........

Blessings on you and your family!!!

Rich said...


Thanks for visting, I forgot I posted this. I just used that very line "mind over mattress" in commenting on someones blog.

Blessings to you Friend.