Saturday, April 18, 2009

Growing or Dying

Much like trees, we are either growing or dying. One of two options waits our choosing, existing within the false stability of spiritual death (stagnation), or to be corrected and to further experience the fullness of life offered to us in knowing Him.

Without the merger we have in being one with God through our spiritual union, there would be no possibility of any uploading (transformation) taking place in our continued maturation.
In my opinion continued growth is contingent upon what Jesus said, “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that is given to us from the mouth of God.”
With the increase of new insight and information there will be at first a contesting as we are prone to become very static in what we believe, the integrating is never done seamlessly.
The influx His life brings within us will always cause a radical disruption to fixed and established previously held “incomplete” thoughts.
It is this very rigidity that Jesus spoke of in connection with pouring new wine into new wine skins. It is within the every day encounters we face that I see Him using to keep us inwardly malleable, which allows Him to further expand our capacity to further emerge from the fairy tale way of looking at life and what it means to be a “Christian.”

I like what my friend and brother Bill Landon says about this, “What most people see (and practice) in this world is religion and not Christianity. Christianity, real Christianity, is a state of being and a personal relationship with the Father. Religion is outward works, rites, and rituals. Religion is primarily about looking good and smelling good and doing the “right things.” Real Christianity is about living and further, Christianity is a life not to be seen. Jesus addressed this reality by saying, “What you do in secret, your heavenly Father will reward you openly.”


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