Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Where does the Truth deal with the wrestling, the struggling to believe in the midst of all the lies?



Free Spirit said...

Ok... so it's here, too.

You and Silent Wings must have a conspiracy going.

Delicious truth.

Rich said...

NO, the love of our Father isn't dignified at all, and apparently that's the way He expects our love to be. Not only does he require that we accept His inexplicable, embarrassing kind of love; but once we've accepted it, He expects us to behave the same way with others.
I suppose I could live, if I had to, with a God whose love for us is embarrassing, but the thought that I've got to act that way with other people-that's a bit too much to swallow.

Free Spirit said...

You make a great point here, Rich. I would only add, that it's as His kind of embarrassing, messy kinda love takes hold in/grows in us, that we won't be able to help but to love others the same way, cause it'll be Him loving them THRU us.

So, yes, OUR part is to simply receive (accept) His embarrassing love.

Thanks, brother, good thoughts!

Rich said...

Free Spirit,

My whacky brain is so out of it, but this line from this video speaks volumes to me re: what I've shared here...Get ready, cause here I come!