Friday, February 20, 2009

Sons Not Sects

Is it any wonder the lines of definition have become so blurred and the best that most ever see, is this thing called “Christianity?”
I was thinking this morning how I am living in a nameless, faceless time, and it transcends my particular generation, it is one of the most ambiguous and assimilating life sucking entities operating, masquerading as that which tries to define who and what we are, aka, religion!

I love this quote from Rob Rufus, “Jesus needed to know that the Father loved Him! He didn't just assume that - He got revelation that the Father loved Him before the creation of the world. In heaven He knew it already. He was fully God - but when He came to the earth, His divinity was restrained and He had to walk in humanity depending on the Holy Spirit.”

Two specific times the man Christ Jesus heard these words, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased!” The first time this exploded within the life of the ‘man Christ Jesus’ was after thirty years of obscurity, following John the Baptist into the Jordan River to be baptized, the windows of heaven were opened up, a dove came and rested upon Jesus, a loud voice affirmed and defined Who’s this son of man was and who he, Jesus was.
On the heels of this event, Scripture says that Jesus was driven out into the wilderness where he was going to be subjected to the onslaught, barrage of attack aimed and targeted at the heart of this son of man.

The first salvo was designed to cripple this man, the man Christ Jesus, “If you are the “Son of God” use your power to alleviate the duress of this painful moment in your life.
The true sustenance needed in this situation was not a warm and fuzzy “conceptual” buzz, but out of knowing Who’s he was, the ability to respond, “It is written.”
For those following some of my thoughts that are very much in flux, motion, this illustrates well how many know the scriptures so well and yet are totally bankrupt with regard to knowing the WORD!

Another quote from Rob Rufus, “Thank God for Christianity but being a son is far better. The word "Christian" does not appear once in the Old Testament and under the New Testament it only appears once in Acts 11:26. Yet all over the world you hear talk about "Christianity", "Church-ianity" but the New Testament only mentions the word "Christian" once - but dozens and dozens of times it talks about being "sons".
Please hear my here, I am not endorsing this brother other than the fact he is my/our brother, but how he is using what he is seeing and it fitting into his idea of son-ship is not mine!

Only out of this life quickening unfolding revelation of Who’s we are will the blurred lines ever be removed from our lives.
This makes me laugh in light of the plethora of names available and being used to define sects, such as Christianity, heck even some cool new ones like, “Missional and Organic” to name a few, but this does/will not define who we are, because that is but the fruit born from Who’s we are!


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