Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Need for Balance

There has never been a need for balance within the believer’s life, I realize this will be met with great chagrin, none the less, it’s true.
All of us who have been received by God the Father have a perfectly established unshakable divine order within the essence of our being, it goes like this, “Who’s we are and who we are!”

The trouble is, that we all have and will continue apart from His tutelage try and naturalize the spiritual, by using natural methods of reasoning, such as trying to ‘establish balance.’
There has never been a divorce or disconnectedness between the spirit and the Scriptures, ever. What God has joined together let no man separate! The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has set us free from the Law of sin and death. This reality is waiting to explode in the hearts of those he has called to BE His!

In being led as soulish or fleshly minded people, yes especially us Christians, we are trying to add to something that has been perfectly finished.
In our blinded un-renewed soul (mind, will and emotions) we are unable to embrace the reality of this Holy Ghost (Spirit of Christ) invasion that has laid a most sure and unshakable foundation within us.
Because of knowing and experiencing so little of this established divine order of His life in us as us and because there are NO vacuums, seemingly by default we resort back to what we have always operated out of, the flesh!

Because of so many excesses from the sublime to the ridiculous within the body of Christ, more often than not unfortunately the “baby has been thrown out with the bath water.”
Have you ever seen someone trying to move forward in a boat using only one oar, it ain’t going to happen, they simply keep going around and around in circles. Doesn’t that sound like much of what churchianity has been and is doing today?

Unfortunately so much of our “Christian” walk, journey is but a caricature of what it means, “In Him we live, move and have our being.”

I read something today that imparted a further knowing of “who’s I am and who I am, as I said it’s the spirit that makes alive what we only see as printed words in a book.
It is from “Unto Full Stature.”
“It has been God’s intention that by inward graces we shall exhibit life, but by gifts (in and through the gifted One) we impart life.”



Free Spirit said...

Very good, again, Rich.
Also, thought-provoking. I have often wondered about and challenged (in my own mind) this idea we humans seem to place on its own pedestal, of 'balance'. It seems everything within the christian (and otherwise) life thinks we should try to attain this nebulous concept of balance... so as not to go 'overboard' anywhere.

I like this much more simplified approach of knowing whose and who we are, and then running with that knowledge, because, for the christian, both of those lead to a life of freedom!

Laura said...

I have never found anyone who spoke against balance in the christians life. My own belief has been that if you are on a certain road and you dont like where it ends and then you turn around and after awhile you discover that you dont like where that ends up, the answer is NOT to try to find the balance. My belief is that at that point you need to achknowledge that you are ON THE WRONG ROAD!!
Christ calls us to an entirely different road, a higher road. Where we live always in the extreme, wildly, unreservedly.