Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Pattern

In being moved further into the Father’s ultimate intention/purpose (fullness of stature) for our lives, is it going to unfold apart from continuing to journey through His “maze of grace?”
What might at best appear to be to some, nothing more than wandering aimlessly or casually without an urgent destination in being called unto Him, a meandering, is in fact something far more to those who see His divine pattern!

I look to and trust the Father regarding the spirit, attitude and intention of my heart in sharing these and following thoughts that they will point you to His longing He has imprinted within your very being, to fully engage in your “birth-right.”

This is a no brainer but without continued revelation from the Father, at best we have established a knowing of the right “Christian” wording-speak, a great outer form, but NO inner substance! Ergo, how easy it is to drift into settling for but a form of godliness, lacking any true power.

“Where there is no vision [no redemptive revelation of God], the people perish; the people are unrestrained, all cohesiveness ceases to hold them together.”
“Now these things happened to them as an example, and they were written for our instruction, upon whom the ends of the ages have come. Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall.”
Everything within the Scriptures has been written for us, but not TO us, here in lies the absolute necessity to ‘rightly divide the word of truth.’ So that we might not read someone else’s mail, discerning the Truth written to an earthly people verses to us, His heavenly people.
Please remember this has nothing to do with ones adequate or inadequate intellect, it’s a revelation, not a seminar!

During more than four hundred years as strangers in a strange land, the family of Jacob increased into a multitude of people. At first they enjoyed privileges in Egypt, but after Joseph’s time they came to suffering and severe oppression.
Yet most tragic of all is that during these long years in Egypt, Israel lost all divine destiny and purpose. The vision-perspective which passed from Abraham to Isaac and to Jacob had long since faded. Now in their hour of affliction they cried for just one thing: to be relieved from the galling yoke. How conveniently this served God’s plan. He had waited for this hour in order to bring Israel out of Egypt and into the Promised Land where He would in due time accomplish His full intention through them.
It is my opinion based upon what Father has shown me, that Israel was and is no different than us today in this respect, in being set free from Egypt’s cruelty (sin) they basically wanted to live for/unto themselves. “You were bought with a price; do not become slaves of men.”

To settle for anything less than being brought into the fullness of the stature of Christ Jesus is to spell sooner or later an eroding famine and emptiness gnawing at our impoverished soul.
What is more tragic than to see individuals who are placed here by God to fulfill some unique and glorious destiny, still wandering aimlessly with no awakened sense of divine destiny?
I think the motto for much/most of Christendom would be as follows, “They do not know where they are going, but they are certainly on their way.”
Is our perspective/vision of God the Father likened to this? Is He seen like a sculptor who after hacking and cutting away at a block of marble all day was asked: “what are you making?”
He said, “I really don’t know. I have not seen the plan!” No wonder he was bored, frustrated and the day was filled with emptiness.

There is so much more I intend to write about regarding our Divine Purpose-Destiny, but later.



Anonymous said...

Usher: Finally a point of view Deak, to those who stumble about the IC assuming their role is to serve a man with a degree and in turn that is somehow serving Christ!

Deacon: Grace, grace. If the humans could only embrace it instead of "working their way" to His acceptance through the ways of man....

Usher: They are consumed in consumerism, they go to churches which are there because of consumerism - how can they embrace grace when it will alienate them from all their peers?

Deacon: Tis the reason they cannot seem to see the grace for the works...and the favor or man

Usher: Glad we're buzzards and don't have to buy into the American Dream or trust in Wall Street to provide our roadkill....hehe

Free Spirit said...

Yeah... I'm hearin' ya, Rich!
Keep it comin'!!

Dave Aldrich said...

It still seems like aimless meandering to me at times, Bro, but I know He has purpose in it all. I just can't always see. Great thoughts here, mon frere.

But now... on to "A Working Model-Pattern" :-)

Rich said...

free spirit,

I hear that YEAH!! What I am seeing along with my siblings is something so far beyond what any eye has thus seen, or ear heard, or that which is yet to be revealed to our hearts of Him.

The Word 2000 years ago was fleshed out in a human called Jesus of Nazereth, now once again our Father is delighted in fleshing out in and through us that very same Word.
The incarnational reality of the invisible God and Father is offering to this perishing world a very real, living and UP CLOSE Christ in you and me as you and if that doesn't blow your mind, what will!!!!! :)

Rich said...


It still seems like aimless meandering to me at times, Bro, but I know He has purpose in it all. I just can't always see. Great thoughts here, mon frere.

That's why I often refere to it, this ongoing incarnational transforming as His maze of grace!

One of the lines from the movie The Transformers (which I love!) is a part that that says.."More than meets the eye." God that resonates in me big time Bro!

What Papa is doing is so far beyond what we R trying to pick up on our punny human radar screens, it will not ever register there anywho :)

The "seeming" aimless meandering is but what men live out of and from who have NOT the spirit of Christ, but once again apart from Father opening the eyes of our heart, at best this stuff is pure nonesense!!

OH, there you R Peter!! Like the two kids in the movie, Hook, they both chanted, I BELIEVE-I 2, 3, 4 ,5 hahaha