Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Word Made Flesh

As the Word that was fully processed, Jesus the Christ, the word made flesh, it is my opinion that like wise that Word is being fleshed out in and through us. There is lots of hammering out as it were going on in the life of those wanting to know Him the Truth, not what I think or you think, as in my truth vs your truth, but THE Truth!
Love, His unconditional love is the only thing able to free us to begin letting go of anything that stands in the way of this most incredible journey.
It’s the questions within themselves that are so liberating, as we question what I think, what you think and to bring it before the Lord and say, Father, what’s the truth in all of this?

I see this being done within my own life as well in the lives of so many all around the word, especially within the believers lives.
One example of this ongoing dialogue of pondering, thinking, questioning is a delight to listen in on is over at the Free Believers Network with Darin Hufford and the other siblings. The latest pod cast (Do we need spiritual authority?) is but one example of the Word being fleshed out in the lives of those discover the Truth of His love for us!

If you haven’t had a chance to listen, I encourage to give it a try.


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