Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Life Displacing Death

Without continued revelation, we will busy ourselves much like a person trying to tear from a tree in the winter, those stubborn fall leaves that refuse to fall to the ground like all of the others.
Rather than simply waiting for the appropriate season of Spring to be set into motion, and as the sap-life of the tree begins once again to flow more rapidly, it easily pushes out/off those dead leaves, replacing them with a new and living foliage.

Isn’t it ludicrous trying to assist our Father in trying to do a similar but inane task, trying to get rid of the death remnants within our flesh by mechanical spiritual parlor finagling?
His Life in us as us, is most adequate in displacing the fig leaves we still hide beneath with such effortless unforced rhythms of grace.



Tracy Simmons said...

Rich, what a wonderful, wonderful analogy. I always look to nature for glimpses into Father's way of doing things...you've hit on a beautiful one here.


Beautifully, poetically said, Bro.

Amy said...

This is beautiful. Like Tracy, I too, so enjoy God's beautiful revelation in nature. Some of the most significant "showings" from Him have occurred when I've been outside, alone, hanging out in His breathtaking Creation.

Love what you said here: "His Life in us as us, is most adequate in displacing the fig leaves we still hide beneath with such effortless unforced rhythms of grace."

~Amy :)
Author of "Orphaned Into Belonging"

Rich said...


Thanks Tracy.
If it is His life in us that produces the ability to live, move and have our being, then why do we try and live as if we're separated from Him?

Rich said...


Thanks Bro, it is a beautiful picture pointing to Him as our only Life, isn't it!?

Rich said...


Thanks for commenting.

Isn't that the constant ploy of our enemy, trying to persuade us that we are in fact separated from Him, and that we have to do something within ourselves to bring forth His life??

Is the focus supposed to be, Look at me, or is it IN Beholding the Man Christ Jesus?!

Free Spirit said...

Darn, Rich.
I've missed so much from you while I was away. I'm gonna do my best to catch up.

This is truth. He's SO good to remove the old dead stuff. One thing I'm learning as a mom of 4 little ones, is that I don't have near the time I used to for self-analyzation. I gotta trust Him to "do His thing" in me, in His own time, and own way. It's a kinda nice change from those days where I used to be consumed with how I was doing spiritually, and trying to pull off those dead leaves myself.

Now, I feel like I just say, If You want it gone; You gotta get rid of it." All I feel like I have time for is BEING. Maybe that's not so bad.

Rich said...

free spirit,

Thanks for what you shared, He is so good to bring us to see that it's Him in us as us, no need for trying to get it right!

I thought you might like this.

The Being Of God
Marvin Cope

Most humans are going about our humanity choosing ''Not To Be,'' ignoring the BEING part of human, the ''inner man!'' ''Not Being'' is death! It is walking blindly in spiritual darkness, having only the wisdom of man. . . having the wisdom learned in the old world's educational systems so as to be part of the world's political, financial, military, economic, religious systems is the sure path to the graveyard!

Jesus came to heal us of this ''not Being'' blindness, which does not allow us to really ''BE'' or ''see'' what our ''Being made in His image'' would produce on this Planet. His healing allows men to ''look inside,'' to have the ''eyes'' of His Holy Spirit within. . . in our new mirror (Christ within us) and all around us when He awakes us in our spirit man to ''see!'' (Is. 52:1-7). This healing of the blind is like awakening a man out of his long spiritual sleep of choosing ''not to BE,'' when, like the prodigal he ''came to himself!'' He awakened and was immediately back home with his God Family, who threw a party, a great celebration as of a dead man resurrected!

The healing of any man or woman is to have the Christ (Being) move into your house with you. Invite Him in the person of His Holy Spirit to come inside and awaken His sleeping beauty! We're each meant to BE the Bride of Christ, the receiver of the King of the whole creation! He wants to give us His entire inheritance, just as fast as we can awaken in BEING to receive our spiritual inheritance in Eternal Being! This is His authority and power given to His Bride, to reign with Him in love!

I've found the old world has no answers other than an ''outer law,'' which takes effect after the crime. Too late! The problems of violence, corruption, war and dis-ease cannot be solved in looking ''out there'' individually and corporately for a culprit to blame. The ''blame game'' has worn itself out. Every answer to ''outer'' problems is to be found ''inside'' in the new man, The BEING, the real human. . . .

He has given the person of His Holy Spirit (BEING), the Spirit of Christ to teach His children in all manner of wisdom and understanding. Humans can teach other humans the things concerning humanity, but it takes spiritual BEING (the Holy Spirit's anointing) to teach the higher way of the love of Christ. The new mind (CHRIST BEING) in man, makes the man a disciple, a follower of the Christ. . . .

In learning ''to Be,'' which is Eternal Life, we're given a new Mind, the Christ Mind. We are given the teacher of BEING, the person of the Holy Spirit to guide us into all wisdom and understanding. This is the higher way, the inner education. . . in educating children in BEING! This education comes as Jesus said, (Luke 17:20-21), from ''inside out''. . . I'm learning ''To Be'' where BEING is: IN CHRIST. . .

I'm on a rest-bit until further notice, Father wants my undivided attention, and blogging has to be put on HOLD 4 now :)